Instagram Continues to Grow to 100 Million Users and Will Remain Independent

Oddly, the billion dollars agreed by the purchase of Instagram van to finish paying off to Facebook. And is that the pace of growth of this service is rapid, and they happened to fees that few services can boast.

At a conference hosted by TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg portal to decided to announce that the service already passes the a hundred million users.

They are a very talented group, they have already crossed the barrier of 100 million users. What are bursting all

The app is downloaded in the order of ten million times a month, a few numbers that reflect one indifferent nod. However, that is not enough for Zuckerberg. According to his words, you want to come to the billions of users, and to preserve the ecosystem it has ensured that the app will continue to develop and will remain independent of Facebook.

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