If You’Re a Fan Fatal of Desserts This News May Not Make You Much Grace

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for the health of the United Kingdom, has begun a crusade against the desserts in the establishments of the United Kingdom. The aim? To reduce its size or limit the sugar and calories.

We understand that it is of a measure thinking about health around the world and we have to be aware of the amount of sugar we eat, but some are already complaining that you want to create the police of dessert.

It seems to be all part of a plan by the Government of the United Kingdom to fight against obesity and one of the proposed measures is to ask the restaurants and food make smaller rations serving desserts and sweets.

En_realidad these establishments have received notice that you have to take three resolutions: 1) cut the sugar, 2) reduce the size of desserts, cakes, croissants and 3) encourage your customers to choose the healthiest options.

If you ignore this warning and skip these resolutions, it will be published is considered responsible for the obesity epidemic that increasingly extends over the country.

At a meeting with representatives of more than 100 brands of the food world, the Secretary for the health of the United Kingdom explained that currently go out eating out now is not something exceptional. It is no longer a special occasion, as before. Almost daily it is a habit for many families who decide to make more and more meals away from home by time or lifestyle. And the result is that it was before occasionally, You can now become a daily routine. And take every day a chocolate tart, even though we want, is not the best choice.

If we are talking of a change of habits is normal to also talk of a change in the rations, in the quantities of sugar, fat or salt we eat.

Involve the entire sector of catering (cafes, restaurants, chains of power, etc.) to contribute in the fight against obesity and work in favor of healthier portions is without a doubt a choice of the most innovative.

And at the end and at the end it is not give up dessert, but keep in mind that a “sweet treat” is something that should be extraordinary, reserved for special occasions and not for every day.

Although We will always have the option of sharing.

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