If You Are Thinking of Becoming a Single Mother, Health Warns about The Sale of Sperm on The Internet and The Home Insemination

High prices of treatments for fertility in our country have led to a practice considered illegal, the of buy leftover medicines of other patients and semen to the card via the Internet. The Ministry warns of the dangers of the practice. Drugs must be prescribed by a physician in a personalized way and spermatozoa undergo laboratory tests to rule out hereditary, and sexual transmission diseases.

Following the example and experience of people who have it in forums on assisted reproduction, hundreds of women themselves are subjected to hormonal treatments and injections of sperm at home, who have previously acquired in chats and webs of buying and selling, rather than in sperm banking (where it is legal). To contact directly with the donor, violated the anonymity and confidentiality that establishes the law of assisted reproduction.

This methodology is not only illegal in our country, but also very dangerous for women inseminated. According to the Spanish medicines agency, “a remnant of treatment of patients already It has no such assurances of quality, safety and efficacy necessary because no one knows how it has retained”.

The lack of control and health and medical guarantees has led to the Ministry of health to prosecute these forums not specialized, requiring responsibility in terms of what is sold inside of their platforms. This will be done through sanctions and the Civil Guard investigations.

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