Huawei P10

Conclusion of the 26.02.2017

In the test the new noble Chinese proves charming top smart phone with good stamina, power and many extras. The dual camera with Leica-input is like with its predecessor in the focus. The professional mode is guaranteed mobile photographers. Only when the snapshot the P10 Knipse is still somewhat unfocused.

Very stylish, very cuddly

Huawei launches new P series. The P10 is more noble than its predecessor and was also technically upgraded. A total skilful reissue, which leaves the manufacturer with 599 euro pay themselves well. Mid-March comes the P10 in the trade, and we have already the test.

The prima processed and slim housing of the P10 is evident without rough edges. Here, Huawei has yet once neatly upped a shovel, waived but continued on the IP protection standard. The P10 is compact and lies comfortably in the hand. Ensures also the whole plan held back: when the P10 is the clever fingerprint now under the display, no longer under the Dual camera like on the P9. Maybe practical, some may find the previous position, but this is certainly a matter of taste. We like the 5.1-inch display, it is sharp and very bright. The full-HD resolution (1,080 x 1,920 pixels) fits in the size. The home adhesive screen protector device does reduce the quality of the screens do not. You mind the protection, simply remove the foil.

Leica Now Mixes With All Cameras

The camera is the cooperation with Leica in the next round. So, a version developed further according to the manufacturer the P9 camera inside the P10. In a dual camera lens take photos of photos with 20 mega pixels in black and white now while the second lens absorbs color photographs with twelve megapixels. At the P9 were still both lenses to 12 megapixels. Tuned combination should provide even more vivid and more detailed shots, which correspond to the Leica standard. This new combination is already in the top model of the manufacturer, the Mate 9, installed. Also an optical image stabilizer is now integrated. The aperture for more light remains at f2. 2.

Take advantage of the extensive setting possibilities on the professional mode, the dual lens take photos of beautiful photos, and cope well with worse lighting conditions. A nice treat is the new portrait function. It is activated, you can work on the images. This extra offers also the 8-megapixel front camera, which now also, Leica at the P10 from the home.The camera not quite mature shows can be found in the test yet. Weaknesses of the automatic mode shows (again): our test shots are lacking depth, even in daylight. Here, the Huawei-Leica cooperation must be working further on it.

For the pictures as well as videos, apps and music the P10 offers 64 GB internal memory.The course can be also extended via microSD.

No Time On The Go

The powerful octa-core processor HiSilicon Kirin 960 from its own home takes over the driving of the P10. Four cores are clocked, the other four on 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz. That pays off: the CPU runs quickly through menus and opens apps in no time. Even if several applications are open at the same time, everything is going smoothly. Large amounts of memory helps ensure also the four Gbytes. Both together has the function package with current Android 7 system and expeller on Huawei-UI just fine in the handle. Quickly it’s coming on the Internet. The P10 is geared for the faster LTE Cat12 network that has been here but still not removed.

Yet With Perseverance It

And how the battery lasts the whole State? Quite well in the test lab, it brought the P10 in the online endurance test on a run time of 9:28 hours. The empty 3,200 mAh power cell is fully charged, it takes us 2:08 hours. We would have liked a fairly fixed loading time, the advertised “Super charge” function and the appropriate Quick charging cable (USB type-C), however, expects a faster loading time.No phone without appropriate tariff

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