Have You Suffered Greatly Because of Acne? a Consolation: Could Later Age According to a Study

If your teenager was a battle relentlessly against the granite (or you keep fighting them) now you can comfort you thinking that he has served for something, because a scientific study has come to the conclusion that acne may result in delayed facial aging and senescence. Is it not a great consolation?

Adolescence and grains, grains and adolescence. One of these classic couples that we can not imagine separate. But some have only suffered mild symptoms, something more oily skin and a rash. Others, however, had the bad luck of having acne up to twenty or more evening, divine punishment to join the rest of the hormonal changes.

If you also are that suffered acne in those years where everything was done you uphill or continue suffering so now, sure you remember the phrase telling everyone: that people who have acne take longer to suffer wrinkles.

It turns out that a study has just confirmed the mantra of your mother and your grandmother: have measured the length of Telomeres in the skin cells in a sample of 1,205 women and those that suffered acne longer have them. I.e., the conclusion it reached the researchers responsible for the study is that the cells of people suffering from acne they are more protected against aging, What can delay the facial avejentamiento and aging.

Dr. Simone Ribero, King´s College of London, has been responsible for leading this investigation and declared that “for many years dermatologists had been repaired in the skin of people who suffer from acne seemed to age more slowly than those who had not experienced it in his life.” Although clinic had been observed nationwide, had never studied the cause as on this occasion.

Therefore, in the study the researchers They highlighted a route called the p53 genetics and is responsible for regulating programmed cell death. If the Telomeres are too short can start a series of events that lead up to this cell suicide. In addition, p53 route proved to be less active among the people who had acne, something that is still pending further investigation.

Good news indeed for those who passed through the evil drink for fifteen or sixteen years old and full of grains face or suffer acne last longer in adulthood, but the truth is that it’s a hypothesis and in fact the study does not examine if real women who have suffered from acne appear to younger decades later by very logical (or well deserved) as it may seem (because the length of Telomeres) is cellular aging-related), but We don’t know it for certain until within a few years.

Another thing that draws our attention is that the study She has done only with women. Men the same will occur or they have acne isn’t any consolation?

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