Guide to Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are important to the face, especially by ensuring the expression in his eyes. There are different types and formats, and it’s not always our natural design is the most beautiful or appropriate for us. Many people model eyebrows pulling some hairs, but there are cases where the hair does not grow back. Then, when the drawing is misshapen, you must use techniques and products to fix it.

A perfect eyebrow, or rather, correct and appropriate to the person’s face, must respect a few points. From start to finish the eyebrows should be measured according to the shape of your face, your features. The beginning of the drawing should be aligned with the side of the tip of the nose, use a ruler or pencil to check for a line connecting a point at each other.

The center of the eyebrow should be measured by making a diagonal line between the tip of the nose and the IRIS (black eye balls). This is the ideal location for the eyebrow begins to bend, in other words, is the highest point of the drawing. The end of the eyebrow should be measured by making a diagonal line between the external corner of the nostril and the outer corner of the eye.

If ever you have taken one or more for out of place, generating a fault in the design, options for correction are Brown, Brown opaque shadow pencil, correction of eyebrows in the folder, in addition to colorless mask and nude eyebrow pencil to highlight via health-beauty-guides.

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