Dragonfly Futurefon, The Device That All Want Appears on IndieGogo

You should not go far because you also want a Dragonfly Futurefon, We are more to know. Who doesn’t want a phone that includes a folding dock with full keyboard and another screen, dual operating system and much more for only 400 dollars?

Because everyone would want one of these devices that have appeared on IndieGogo campaign financing, open a few weeks ago and widely overcome with almost 600,000 dollars already collected.

The Dragonfly Futurefon is an Android phablet with 7-inch screen, that as we have said can be connected to a folding dock to add a second other 7-inch screen, full keyboard, a touchpad retractable and multiple ports, all this to get a full portable with double Windows/Android OS.

Does that sound good? Because It sounds better the price, set at $400 offer limited to 500 contributors at IndieGogo, with shipments for the second quarter of next year 2015.

Entering matter, Dragonfly Futurefon consists of a phablet as a master device, that called Slingshot can be used as a traditional smartphone.

However, the magic is in the dock, which adds another screen to get 12 inches of usable space and convert to the Slingshot on a laptop computer with more RAM, more storage, more ports, a full keyboard, touchpad and a stylus.

All of this with the ability to run Android or Windows 8.1, using both screens at the same time or independently.

No doubt an impressive device that still seems very unreal, but which should be very close if we take into account that It is ready in just six months. You can see detailed information about the Dragonfly Futurefon on the link source to IndieGogo, we already we are left speechless watching it.

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