Do They Affect The Hours That Sleep to The Salary That Cobras?

Recently we told you about the new trend of much early and as it was the key to the success of many CEO´s, a way to better plan the day, exercise, and visualize the decisions that had to take to move your career forward with success.

But perhaps the key to professional success (and good salary that is associated to it) does not reside solely in the time that we got up, also in the amount of hours you sleep each day. And Yes, that more or less depending on what sleep you win.

A study conducted by researchers in the United States has found that people that they sleep an hour extra per week earn up to 1.5% 4.9% long and short term. And the interesting thing: have discovered that those geographical locations in which the days are shorter and is made of night later, people sleep more hours and, surprise, has higher wages.

Working longer hours is not as effective as sleep enough hours

Our work culture encourages us to take more hours at work and it is logical to think that the more time you spend it, you will produce more. If you are awake and at the office, isn’t it more logical that advances rather than sleepers?

Not really.

According to the authors of this study explain that the opposite is true. The most sleepy are people are more likely to move up and improve on the work. And great figures from the professional world, as Arianna Huffington, no longer considered sleep essentials as a weakness.

According to Jeffrey Shrader, one of the authors of the study, the results are evident in the vendors working to Commission. If you are rested it is possible that you are more happy and active, what will you sell more and improve your profits.

But even take off time of sleep daily You can have long term effects, and according to recent studies sleep less than six hours per night during two consecutive weeks can affect both our cognitive system as spending two days without a wink. Something that already some companies have proposed to solve by introducing the NAP in their working hours, as for example Google.

And it is that the NAP is a great solution when you can’t sleep the hours needed for the night. A brief hiatus which is full of benefits and that can be as RESTful as hours of sleep at night.

Lack of sleep: worse than overweight

As we can read on page 74 of the study which we named earlier, only an extra hour of sleep can help increase your salary by 4.9 by the way most.

Maybe, finally, an incentive that we take seriously the importance of sleeping hours? In a lack of sleep society (Spaniards sleep one hour less than the rest of the Europeans) and with serious problems like occasional sleeplessness, chronic or the snoring that can result in even more serious problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, aggressiveness and lack of attention, news so can be for that final push We take seriously our health and the hours of sleep we need.

But not only sleep the hours needed and a good sleep quality contribute to increase our productivity, our energy and are direct influence on our attitude and, therefore, in our ability to achieve an increase.
The negative effects of sleep little and evil also affect our work and they can even be the cause of accidents that we harm to us and the company.

A bad quality of sleep It can be so harmful to our physical well-being and mental as overweight: It is related to have high levels of sugar in the blood and, therefore, with the risk of increasing the chance of having type 2 diabetes. According to the Institute of Medicine of the sleep of Spain, also It is related to have depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. If that weren’t enough, also alters your retention capacity, address and your memory.

Devote yourself to your job is also to devote your time to sleep

While we are tired of hearing the exploits of workaholics like Margaret Thatcher, who could work with a wild little dream, and that have associated the winners to reach the top because they sacrifice sleep to advance your professional career, all the latest research are running to the opposite side.

According to the specialist in sleep Charles Czeisler, Brigham & Women´s Hospital in Boston, losing a night’s sleep produces a degradation in our behaviour, neurobehavioral that could amount to be drunk. And he warns that these effects occur not only when we lose a night’s sleep; also It happens when we spare hours of sleep every day.

The general conclusion is that all adults need an average of eight hours of sleep a day, depending on the particular needs of each clear. And according to experts such as Dr. Czeisler, Anyone who wants to work with fewer hours of sleep is fooling itself.

Yes, we can auto – fool us during a season. But studies indicate that the vicious circle of overtime, meetings, reports ending and sleep deprivation ends up paying very expensive. O collect, but not as would like all.

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