CuidAPPlas: The Mobile Application What You Care and Helps in The Prevention of Breast Cancer

The Federación Española de Cancer de Mama (FECMA) It has developed with the cooperation of the Spanish society of medical oncology (SEOM) and Samsung a mobile app is to promote the prevention of this type of cancer. This new application has been presented today in Madrid and has counted with the presence of the actress Miriam Giovanelli as the bride.

The application is called CuidAPPlas and with each download that Samsung will donate ten euro for research against this terrible disease. A double investment in our future health.

Encourage us to participate in early detection campaigns. To take care of us more and better. To lead a healthy life and to detect early signs. CuidAPPlas is a mobile application that is born with the aim of be a practical, simple and effective way to help in the early detection of breast cancer, a pending issue for many of us.

How do you do it? With CuidaAPPlas we can register your mobile phone all our health habits, our visits to the gynecologist, the results of reviews and mammograms, dates of periods, etc. A very useful tool for today’s women and their chaotic lives. And especially for the younger, digital native using the phone practically for all.

A way to have all the vital information about our health in the same site and that allows us precise control over our habits. In addition, tells us if we are doing well and to gives us a percentage of prevention.

This application made by the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) It is endorsed by the GEICAM group of Breast Cancer Research and all the contents have been revised by the Spanish society of medical oncology (SEOM).

A new solidarity contribution from Samsung with FECMA, intended to help in the fight against this disease research twice, since the brand has announced that it will donate up to one hundred thousand euros for research, ten euros per each download until you reach that number: “probably it is one of the projects that we face every year with greater enthusiasm and it is a great satisfaction to continue to support the extraordinary work of FECMA. This year, in addition, we have collaborated on a project particularly relevant, in particular, for younger women who are one of their main concerns. “After the presentation of our recent project SMARTgirl by Samsung, we want to strengthen our support to women to facilitate FECMA put at his disposal a tool that will help them to bring the information in your day to day on your mobile phone, the device never emerge from that”, said Luis de la Peña, Director of Marketing of mobile phone in Samsung Spain.

No doubt CuidaAPPlas is a way to acquire good habits of life, that kind of habits that help prevent disease as hard as cancer in the future, in a very easy way and through something we already do every day: using a mobile device.

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