Breast Cancer, The Fight That Increasingly Earn More Women. Survival Data as Shown

“Fight every round with fortitude. And never, never give up”. These are the words of encouragement to the actress and singer Olivia Newton-John, who suffered and overcame breast cancer makes because nearly of a decade, dedicated to all those women who suffer from this disease.

Newton-John has been one of the most visible examples demonstrating the double face of a condition against which fight already almost two million women in the world. Because breast cancer has that grey part which makes the life of women on a battlefield is diagnosed that. An arbitrary field, that doesn’t understand justice, where the time is worth twice and whose sole rule, as well put the star of the legendary Grease is no surrender. Because this is the letimotiv of the kindest chapter of this arduous struggle: that after all, more are women who earn it.

And it is that breast cancer is the second most frequent around the world. It is that more incidence presents among the women. And, despite its increasingly high survival rate, It is also one of the main causes of death both in developed and developing countries. This is the overall vision of a cancer that diagnosed every day 26,000 new cases only in Spanish territory.

But the truth is that in Spain There is no official data base that it brings together cancer cases. Only there are several organizations such as the Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica (SEOM), the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, which is an indicator of the cancer mortality rate, or the Spanish records of Cancer Network (REDECAN), which has a count, through territorial estimates of some nine Spanish provinces.

Thus, on the occasion of this 19 October, we wanted to make a review of all those data available to date, to shed still more light on the breast cancer.

Increasingly women who overcome breast cancer

Advances in research have created more favorable than one trend that has made that the diagnosis of breast cancer occur more and earlier. Something that has led to an increase in the number of cases, but that mostly has influenced significantly the survival of this disease.

So much so, that increasingly there are more which, after a long struggle, just beating this type of tumor to increase its incidence from age 35 and that steady from the 55 coinciding with menopause. The figures speak for themselves: in the Decade of the 80s, the five-year survival rate, was 70%. Percentage that has continued to grow up to 85% in 2014, According to estimated data of REDECAN.

Several decades already started in most countries developed breast cancer screening programmes with the aim of achieving an early diagnosis. In Spain, the first came to light in 1990, in the autonomous community of Navarre. Today all the autonomous communities offer such programs, with more than 90% coverage.

However, breast cancer is already one of the more survival rate have, just behind the thyroid, cutaneous melanoma and Lymphoma Hodking, cancer that begins in the white blood cells.

In addition, according to detailed REDECAN in its latest report on cancer, due to the high impact of this disease, both research as prevention, diagnosis and treatment they should be treated as priority in cancer plans.

This has led to not only be in Spain where more and more women overcome breast cancer. Currently, in Europe the average survival rate is 77,57%, According to the estimates of REDECAN. Iceland and France are the countries presenting best percentage with 87 and 86 percent, respectively.

A growing number of cases detected

In the year 2012 is diagnosed 1.67 million new cases breast cancer around the world, according to Globocan. A number that represents 25% of all tumors.

In Spain, they are increasingly more the number of women diagnosed that this disease. And it is that the numbers have continued to grow since 1993, according to the data available on REDECAN. 23 years ago, the incidence rate was 80.1%. Percentage as a decade later has risen up to seven percentage points and that two years, stayed in 85%.

According to published the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC), the incidence is increasing both in Spain and in the world, probably because “the aging of the population and the increasingly early diagnosis”.

Breast cancer is also which has more often among women compared with other tumors. In fact, the difference with the second, which is colon cancer, presents a barrier up to 56 percentage points.

By areas, Spain is almost one of the European countries presenting one of incidence rates lower (85%). Very over others such as Belgium (147,5%), Denmark (142,8%) and France (136,6%) are located.

In fact, the European average, with all available country data, puts the rate of incidence of the breast cancer in 99%. A barrier that are far away countries such as Greece and Lithuania, who recorded the lowest rates with 58% and 65%, respectively.

Breast cancer, one of the most frequent causes of death among women

According to Globocan, breast cancer is, Despite all the advances, after lung cancer, the second cause of death more frequent among women, both in less developed regions (324,000 deaths, 14.3% of the total), and in the more developed regions (198,000 deaths, representing 15.4%).

In Spain, the mortality rate It has fallen from mild form since 1990, According to the data of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. The drop is only one percentage point. 27.2% at the beginning of the 90s to 26.31% in 2014.

During the last decades the percentage of deaths from breast cancer, has hardly varied three points and the tendency has always moved between the fork of the 26 and 29 per cent.

According to these data, in 2014 up to 25 Spanish provinces recorded a mortality rate above the average country (26.31%). Salamanca (40.7%), Lugo (40.1) and Leon (39%) are the three areas that had the highest incidence of mortality that year.

Meanwhile, Almeria, with a rate of 15.8%, Navarra (18.7%) and Murcia (21%), represent the other side of the coin, where the number of deaths from breast cancer is well below the average.

Salamanca is also the province in which more has raised the mortality rate Since 1990. And is that variation has registered a rise of up to nearly 18%. Segovia or Lugo, are other areas where most grew up that percentage. And otherwise is that of the Balearic Islands, Álava or Tarragona where the women that the percentage of deaths has fallen by more than 10% during the last 26 years.

But despite everything, it should be recalled that this mortality rate is largely due to the high incidence that has this disease among women around the world. Therefore, one of the claims which have to listen harder every 19 October is that thanks to advancements and research, are increasingly those that win the battle.

But this is a fight that Yes, will become less difficult the longer is early diagnosis, so it is necessary to mention that it has the importance of go at least once a year to your medical center to have yourself a mammogram. In addition, you can get a self-exploration every month following the steps detailing the NGO breastcancer. It is simply of Beware and be vigilant.


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