Amazon Fire Phone: Flash in Pan Or Smart Phone Fireworks?

Conclusion: The Amazon fire phone combines the test sound hardware specs and the cool product scanner Firefly with a partly faltering fire OS. We, the UI look less like its intuitive control.

Amazon Fire Phone: Brand New Fire OS

The shopping giant Amazon further expands the brand their own product portfolio and trying to Kindle E-book readers, Fire tablets and the Fire TV box to spark new fire in the smart phone segment. According to, the Amazon fire phone with its new fire OS and 4.7-inch HD display (1,280×720 pixels) serves as tinder.

In the core, the operating system is based on Android, Amazon has created strong hand but especially when operating in terms of one dough er friendliness: tilting movements left or right you display submenus, slight tilt displays additional information in the calendar, Browser or apps. To return to the previous screen, wipe from bottom to top. A pre-installed tutorial video explains the control of fire phone. The display of fire OS provides a much higher compared to Android depth, icons or the lock screen three-dimensional effect.For even more 3D track your head movements to four cameras on the front of the housing and tilt the screen content perspective. So also the automatic scrolling of Web pages or E-books work, without having to touch the screen.Exciting!

Visually the otherwise smart fire OS impact on us rather little innovative. The 3D icons and 3D-Lockscreen are an eye-catcher, but the dull background can be changed not and instead of app carousel we wish more individual homescreen widgets and more personalization options of à la Android. When connecting to the store puts Amazon on the less extensive Amazon app store, install Android apps from the Google play store, only on detours. If you buy the Smartphone at Amazon, you will get Amazon Prime given in the value of 49 euros from date of purchase for one year.

Amazon Fire Phone: Firefly-Shopping

On top of that comes the fire OS with the camera feature of Firefly, a kind of product scanner that is launched from a long press on the camera button. Firefly identifies objects and linked directly to Amazon to buy the product. The feature theoretically also works with movies and music and is to be extended in future to other services. In the test the Firefly product search worked well, the music and film detection offers more potential for improvement, here the phone could see not always our movies.

Amazon Fire Phone: Solid Camera With Fire Holes

The 13-mega pixel camera convinces in daylight with a high sharpness of 1,007 line pairs in the Deadleaves measurement. The sound is OK for a Smartphone camera, we measure a VN1 value of 2.9. Artificial light in the laboratory, a strong red cast clouds the otherwise good record. The image noise in the framework is weak light. The photo LED brings not much light in the darkness, large parts of the recording in the laboratory remained black. The settings of the camera are very clearly, there is no white balance modes or fine tuning options. In addition to normal photos you snap but also panoramic images, HDR photos and burst (best shot). The optical image stabilizer is a cool highlight, the we, for example, by the iPhone 6 plus know. The front camera is filming like the back camera with full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) at 30 frames per second.

Amazon Fire Phone: Evergreen Battery

Although the fire phone with its Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2 GB RAM, LTE Cat4 and lush, but not expandable 32 – or 64-GByte is no high-end technology Fireworks store, yet a very well equipped smartphone. Just when the 2,400 mAh battery we have to complain about nothing: excellent 9.5 hours, you can call with a single charge, at full display brightness you can surf ordinary 6.75 hours. Unpleasant, we feel the heat, the device quickly mutates into the Pocket heater.

Amazon Fire Phone: SIM-Lock Free Only On Detours

Who flirts with the special Amazon Smartphone, isn’t around to make a deal with Telekom. So there’s the fire phone only with Telekom contract. Recently, Amazon offers the appliance without magenta-mobile tariff, however you must have removed the Telekom-SIM-lock in a Telekom shop. The price for the 32 GB version is around 200 euros, are currently for the 64 GB version 279 euro due.

Amazon Fire Phone: Alternative

A fully comparable competitor to the fire phone does not exist, because the operating system is up to date on any other device used. That’s why we focus on the display size and the good Akkuwerte. With 4.6-inch screen is the Sony Xperia Z3 compact minimal less than that of the fire phones and is therefore also without intuitive gestures to steer with one hand.The 2,600 mAh large battery for the phone as well as surfing lasts 8.5 hours and with a much lighter with 600 candela display. The 20.7-mega pixel cam delivers clean photos, the camcorder is filming in 4 k. LTE Cat4 is also on board, the housing very well-finished and waterproof. The free commercial Z3 compact costs at present 400 euro.

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