9 Books That Can Help You If Diagnose You a Breast Cancer

Today is the international day against Breast Cancer. More or less we all know someone who has gone through the difficult time of a diagnosis that is not where I would like to or can that we ourselves are going through hard trance of a treatment. The closer people will be the best support, but, Sometimes, it is necessary to seek refuge in our loneliness, our reflection and… reading. We have selected 9 books that can help, for one reason or another, to better cope with the diagnosis, the treatment and the relationship with disease.

The prison of ice, Jerri Nielsen

Ice prison tells the true story of Dr. Jerri Nielsen, who received in 1999, a diagnosis of breast cancer in the worst possible environment: the Amundsen Scott South Pole base. Actually, it was a self-diagnosis, found a growing lump on his chest and sent by internet to a pathologist results of the biopsy that she herself was.

The problem was clear: would be isolated in the Polo for eight months. Moreover, the health of 41 scientists of his mission depended on it, the only doctor of the base. By way of exception, he received for airway drugs needed to undergo chemotherapy, and ended up leaving with life experience. Although the disease could with her one relapse a few years later, their hard experience, told in this book, it is an injection of energy to fight the adverse circumstances.

The history of my breasts, of Jennifer Hayden

In the history of my breasts there is again an autobiographical story. This graphic novel gives centre stage to the breasts, telling the story of a survivor to cancer, its author, through sarcasm, humor, optimism and ingenuity.

Since the teen that starred complexes of its owner to the fear and the hope that intermixed when diagnosed with cancer, the breasts will make laugh and cry to the reader and, above all, they will transmit an irrepressible vitality.

Therapy of friends, various authors

Presented Monday in Barcelona, therapy of friends collects 40 stories of personalities known, professional and family who have lived about breast cancer. The chef Carme Ruscalleda, athlete Gemma Mengual, Pilar Eyre writer or singer Pau Donés are some of the voices involved in the project.

The full collection of sales of the book will go to a breast cancer research project selected by an independent scientific committee formed by Oncology professionals.

Remember that you will die. Live, from Paul Kalanithi

Paul Kalanithi was a neurosurgeon from 36 years on the verge of getting his dream fixed position as physician when it was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It failed to win the battle, but left a few lessons in book form: live in the present, the here and now; rating to the important people in our lives and learn to make beautiful even in the most difficult moments.

Remember that you will die. He lives It is the posthumous work of the author, and was completed and published by his widow. It has been a best seller in English, has occupied the top positions in the New York Times bestseller and now reaches Spain as a lesson of life not only for the sick, for all.

Diagnosis: cancer. My struggle for life, by Mariam Suárez

Mariam Suárez was known to be the daughter of the Spanish ex-President Adolfo Suárez, but It became a symbol of the fight against cancer with the publication of diagnosis: cancer. My struggle for life, the book that recounts his first experience with the disease that was detected him: a breast tumor with metastasis in liver, lung and brain.

The book has its different surgeries and treatments, but also, and above all, how he had to prepare psychologically to deal with it, Besides, being mother of two children, one of them newborn.

On your side: Guide aimed at men, John W. Anderson breast cancer

Although breast cancer also affects men, it is a disease whose victims are mostly women. For this reason, sometimes diagnosed women can feel little supported, or included, by their partners or other men in your environment. And, on the other hand, perhaps the best way to help us to escape many men.

At his side, as its subtitle says, it is a Guide to men breast cancer, It encourages them to have all the information needed to be a good emotional support for women suffering from the disease.

Picture Your Life After Cancer, the New York Times

In 2010, the New York Times asked readers to send him their photos after suffering a cancer and to explain how their lives had changed. With such testimony and, above all, with the images, they published the book Picture Your Life After Cancer. The book collects the happiness of those who have passed it and the hard feelings of those who are still going through this.

The book not only focuses on cancer patients, present or past, but also in their family, friends and all the circle of support that a cancer patient you need to her around during diagnosis and treatment.

The Emperor of all evil: A biography of cancer, Siddhartha Mukherjee

The Emperor of all evils is exactly what its subtitle Announces: a complete work describing cancer in all its aspects, from its origins to all types of treatments, surgeries, research, etc..

But it is not a medical encyclopedia. It is a work that also reflects on the emotional part of the disease, affects how those who suffer and surround them that. No doubt, an essential work for those who need to know the cancer Fund, to deal with the diagnosis and treatment with all the cards in your hand.

Under the same star, John Green

Young people also need support when there is a diagnosis of cancer in their environment. Under the same star is a hard novel, which tells the story of two teenagers with cancer, his optimism, his desire to live and to love. Since its publication, it has become in a best-selling book and a favorite of young people, by his gentleness and optimism, despite the circumstances which the protagonists live.

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