Mirror Glasses are Yes for Winter

They have been the queens of the beach bars for two years but now they become essential along with the coats, scarves and gloves.

The sunglasses mirror here to stay the 365 days a year. The mirror glasses have gotten what others do not and it is to be timeless despite the surfero touch that some print.

It seems that the history of the mirror glasses is summed up over the last two years but they go much further. In the 90s they posed with these kinds of big colored Hollywood stars. But what have these sunglasses that have surrendered many celebrities, it-girls or well-known models? Especially protect from the sun and wind and at the same time bring a special style to our look.

What Glasses Do You Choose?

Mirrored glasses are renewed every season, each signature offers new models that challenge the existing ones offering a more versatile design and adapted to each season of the year.

Do you want to know what type of mirror glasses offer the big brands? Take note and discover why mirror goggles are a plus for our winter outfits.


The DIOR signature is one of the last ones that have added to the mirror effect! Without neglecting the essence of the French firm. This type of lens we see in the vast majority of their glasses for this fall-winter. The DIOR SO REAL, in DIOR REFLECTED, DIOR ABSTRACT or DIOR SIDERAL are a sample of it.

Ray Ban

Another of the firm that bets for this type of lens is Ray Ban. The American brand was one of the first to incorporate the mirror into its sunglasses . They began integrating this crystal in the Ray Ban Aviator to later incorporate it to the Wayfarer or even, Clubmaster.


Another mythical brand that uses the mirror in his sunglasses is Carrera. What characterizes your lenses is the intense color of all sunglasses . Red, purple, yellow, gold, pink… flood your collection.

As you have seen the mirror is incorporated into the sunglasses regardless of the mount.The mirror is surrendered to the round, square or aviator glasses. In case you have known a little here we leave you a second selection of other signatures that incorporate this lens to your collection.