Microsoft Shuts Down Production of the Xbox 360


Console is the most popular in Brazil and has had 84 million units sold around the world

Goodbye, Xbox 360! Microsoft announced on Wednesday (20) will no longer produce the Xbox 360 in Brazil and worldwide. The console was launched over 10 years (!) And had his death decreed by Phil Spencer, chairman of the Xbox division. The justification is that it was hard to produce a console with over a decade of life.

During all this time, more than 84 million units sold around the world. As pointed out bythe UOL Games, it is still considered the most popular game in Brazil. Microsoft said the vehicle that the production of Xbox 360 will also be closed in the Brazilian market, but stores still have stock will continue selling the console.

For now, no other service linked to the Xbox 360 will die. Videogame owners, for example, may continue enjoying the benefits of Xbox Live, and Gold membership will continue (as well as the offer of free games). Spencer said he was proud of what was achieved with the Xbox 360 and said the island helped redefine “a whole generation of games” at Microsoft.

There were more than 78 billion hours (!) Spent on gambles according to the post announcing the end of the console output. In it, Spencer also noted that Xbox 360 games still work with Xbox One, which can motivate older gamers to buy the not-so-new-like console from Microsoft.

“Franchises like Gears of War were born in the [Xbox] 360, and successes already established as the Halo firmed during the generation of this console. Xbox 360 was also the starting point for technical innovations that influenced the industry, such as Kinect, plus the start of system upgrades and changes in dashboard based on feedback from the fans, “recalls Spencer.

In the Brazilian retail, you can still find the Xbox 360 on sale on most sites, with an average price of $ 850 for the Slim version with 4 GB of storage. The Xbox One, launched in November 2013 in Brazil, is significantly more expensive than its predecessor, being sold for a minimum of R $ 1,600.