Microsoft Offers 30 GB Free in Onedrive for iOS Users, Android and Windows Phone

The Microsoft took advantage of the recent online ad iPhone 6 to promote onedrive iOS: Platform users who sign up (or have already joined) in the service and activate the automatic upload option in the app will have additional free space of 15 GB in your accounts.

The announcement was made ​​on the night of Friday (19) hours after the launch of the iPhone 6 in the market US. To explain such a sudden decision, Microsoft used a provocative argument:

“We hear comments on the storage of the new iPhones released today [Friday], so we want to give more space for you to store your data.”

Microsoft refers to the fact that not even the new iPhones withstand memory cards, an aspect that should be no problem for those who opt for versions of 64 GB and 128 GB of the line, but it can cause annoyance to owners of models with 16 GB capacity.

Once you join the offer, you will count on a total of 30 GB free on your account (15GB “normal” + 15GB promotional), but there is an important point here: to enable automatic upload new photos and videos They will be sent as soon as possible to onedrive, taking up space in your account, obviously.

Despite the focus on iOS users, Microsoft said in its statement that the offer is also valid for users of Android and Windows Phone. The condition for these cases is the same: enable automatic backup feature in onedrive app. For those who are already in the service user and uses that option, the additional 15 GB will be included automatically.

If you want to avail the benefit, it is good not to waste time: according to Microsoft, the additional space will be released only to those who perform the procedure until the end of September.