Men’s Head Scarf, to Inspire!

You guys, all right? 🙂 Is the real cold coming and going to finish the week with this wonderful tip? You asked to have a post about scarves, handkerchiefs and men’s scarves, right? Then it’s in the hand! = P
It was if the time when wearing scarf or scarf was just to protect yourself from the cold, right? All right, that’s the main function of these parts, but, between you and me, it’s a big accessory to compose the visual and let it more our face! Many will say that I have always been elegant for using this and my brand in the winter days is a scarf, I remember a friend of mine always comment on me! Rs

“Scarf Boy” rs
Thinking about it, below I separated many and many reference photos to inspire you in how to wear a scarf, scarf or male scarf. Shall we go to the tips?
Quick tips: What is the basic difference between scarf, scarf and scarf?
• Male scarf: Most indicated for the winter days actually, because they are usually made of heavier materials such as wool. They are usually long and bulky, to protect well!
• Male scarf: Great choices for days not so cold as they are produced in lighter fabrics, cotton, satin, etc. They’re smaller, they have a more square shape.
• Male scarf: Also indicated for days not so cold, but longer than the scarf, practically a gentler scarf, as it is made of light fabrics too, like cotton.
Quick tips to use:
• For those with the shortest neck, you can use non-bulky mooring options, not to give a flattened air. Unlike those who have the longest neck, the scarf, scarf or scarf can be a very cool partner to balance the look.
• For the shortest, wear the same color scarf or similar shade that jacket, shirt, for example, avoiding the color break in the visual can be a good one! Until it leaves the loose ends vertically, to give an impression of stretching.
• For the highest, the scarf, for example, may be a good for breaking the impression of body stretching, AI is worth investing in colors and prints, according to the visual.
• An important hint of when to use is to set whether your scarf will be featured in the visual or just a complementary piece. Make a priority scale in the pieces for dressing time, which will draw more attention, what will be just to harmonize the look, etc. That helps a lot not to weigh and gives a good notion to the overall style.
Enough talking, huh? I’m so talkative, right? RS let’s relax and enjoy some inspirations around here.
Hey, what’s up? What did you think? Many inspirations here right, can save the photos that have many tips even! But always remember: you DECIDE whether you want to be your highlight or a complement eh!