Mens Fossil Watch FS4735

The model FS 4735 is one of the most elegant, sober man Fossil and well designed, with calf leather strap and stainless steel case. The watch has a quartz movement that allows great precision in ticking.

The use of high-quality stainless steel provides the opportunity for extended use with minimum maintenance. This watch features an external fixed bezel and two other surrounding the chronograph dials, lending a touch of elegance.

It has a capacity of water resistance of only 5 bar (50m), namely bearing only splashing water. On the other hand this watch is not designed for snorkeling or diving.
Turns out to be a perfect match for an informal event or an official, the wrist meets the owner’s personality by adding a groomed and thin.

Watch Movement

This high manufacturing craftsmanship has a quartz movement that guarantees an accurate and precise time-keeping mechanism. The movement of the wrist is the most important part of the watch itself because it must keep on ticking clock constant and precise over time.

To date many watch companies who prefer to assemble their products a quartz movement as it is a very accurate mechanism and requires minimum maintenance. With quartz movement you can be sure of the time that appears in this Fossil.

The Watch Crystal

Another very important component of a wristwatch is the glass that protects the dial that this Fossil is mineral glass. This is composed of various elements that undergo heat treatment in order to create a remarkable hardness thereby obtaining a higher scratch resistance. The mineral glass then lets you wear this watch without any fear that you could mess up.

The Strap

The brown calf leather strap is designed for its refinement. The texture is soft to the touch but robust and at the same time, it is incredibly comfortable. The belt length is standard for men. The leather used for the strap of the Fossil FS4735 is of high quality and does not require any maintenance so it can be worn on a daily basis and for a long time without letting you ruin it.

In Conclusion

The Fossil FS4735 is an elegant wrist watch with robust components and requiring very little maintenance. The use of Roman numerals on the dial makes it different from other wristwatches. All the parts that make up this watch cooperate great between them allowing its owner to be able to wear on any occasion.