Men’s Bracelets of Beads Are High–See Examples

After the leather bracelets and the nautical bracelets men’s accounts appear to be the latest bet of men as add-on to your look. But hold on, don’t throw your old accessories, high model may well be coordinated with the old parts to give an “up” in visual.

Men’s Bracelets Accounts–Design And Combinations

The most surprising of this type of bracelet is the amount of combinations that designers can mixing up with other elements such as crosses, medals, skulls, charms, among others, making items really different from each other and often surprising. The variety of accounts also helps: we have the dark wood, bamboo, wood, seeds, metal, turquoise, Agate, obsidian and even pieces of Coconut husk. The mix that can still include clasps of silver, gold, copper, leather or cord, ends up resulting in pieces with a exotic, often hanging down to the handmade ethnic, other rivaling the jewelry design of higher values, which is impressive. There are also simpler models, with only one type of stone, like the eye of the Tiger, where minimalism composition with other accessories, such as the clock, for example.

Men’s Bracelets Of Beads-Colors

The most popular colors are the blends of Brown (the eye of the Tiger on the agenda), blue, whether light or dark and greenish tones as the turquoise. Stones semi transparent or Milky in colour are other rendering a visual interesting.

Men’s Bracelets Accounts–Variations

Running a little natural accounts, we have small skulls, sometimes carved in a stone and cast metal in others, as well as small metal balls that combine well and bring some sparkle to your bracelets.

See more examples in the gallery below:

How To Combine Male Bracelets?

The combination of this type of jewelry accessory has no mystery and will more of the feeling of those who use than anything else. Some people join just bracelets of the same type and some people mix with the water or with leather or metal items, but there is a certain rule here, just the hint of trying not to overdo it and some others that you see below:

With What To Wear?

A look more aligned asks a few bracelets and slightly sophisticated items, with careful probing before if the accessory and welcome on site to be attended. The working environment, for example, have to be liberal to accept the use of bracelets and other trinkets to leave the traditional, and I believe that is not the kind of situation that gives room for gaffes. For casual looks and casual environments using is released.

Tip 1–be careful not to exaggerate both the use of bracelets, making combinations greatly exaggerated, as the body of work, adding besides the item in question, tie clips, rings, earrings, brooches, handkerchiefs, scarves, necklaces, because the overhead of accessories can make you very allegorical. Before leaving home, it is a good take a look in the mirror and evaluate if there’s nothing left.

Tip 2–the colors can also regret, especially in combinations that are asking for discretion, as the suit or costume, in this case strong colors can draw more attention than necessary, maybe black, marine and metal are the best option.

Tip 3–large Accounts may not look good on you if your wrist is small, so before buying, think of proportions that have harmony, and if the internet search to find out the size of the elements shown.

Tip 4–the golden rule is: the more casual, more parts, more colors, more types, but if the look is formal, the rule is reversed. Can you break the rule? Give, but be absolutely sure of what you’re doing!