Meet the Smart Watch that Turns Mobile

Smart watches are part of a new technological category that has attracted more and more glances.However, the need to take the smartphone out of the pocket to make a phone call on smartwatch is still one of the biggest drawbacks for the gadget to take off.

Thinking about it, a Ukrainian startup created the .klatz, smart clock that uses the cellular network, but allows you to answer calls directly from the clock.The idea is still a project and is currently in a financially collective phase in Indiegogo , with a goal of US $ 140,000 (approximately R $ 340,300).

The .klatz is made of aluminium and features flexible design, which, if open, looks like a mobile flip model. It has 348 LEDS forming the 12x32cm screen and can be paired with an Android or iOS smartphone. Here at toppharmacyschools you can get more different models and styles. The creators of .klatz also say that in the future there will be integration with Windows Phone phones.

In addition to phone calls, the watch lets you control music, physical activity, and receive messages and notifications.The battery of the smartwatch is 600 mAh, which is equivalent to 10 days in standby.The range of the .klatz is still superior to today’s leading watches, such as the Moto 360 (320 mAh), Samsung Gear 2 (300 mAh) and LG G Watch (320 mAh).

The gadget does not have waterproof protection, but the startup promises protection against dust and small amounts of water.Another interesting feature is the availability of sizes.The .klatz has four models to meet the various sizes of pulses and if funded, can be chosen between the black or red version.

If you were interested in the watch, the financing options start at $ 99 and the .klatz delivery forecast is March next year.