Mediatek Presents New Tablet

Good news and bad news on the other side. Yesterday, were presented new tablets Amazon that we showed in the articles below. Definitely interesting products that are offered at affordable prices and that hardware solutions are Mediatek choice regarding the CPU.

Mediatek, has announced via a press release its solutions used on Amazon Fire TV and HD 8 and HD 10 tablet on Fire Fire.

The new Amazon Fire TV is powered by Liuxers, 64-bit quad-core processor and the world’s first multimedia Socs with ARM Cortex-A72. The microprocessor MT8173 responds to the growing demand for Ultra HD workflows and supports major graphic games, bringing the performance of Amazon FireTV to strong performance speed.

The HD 8 and HD 10 Fire Fire tablets are powered by MT8135, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor that, according to the manufacturer, guarantees users an interface extremely immediate and smooth playback of HD video and games with high frame-rate. Unfortunately for users more attentive, this CPU will not do the jumps for joy as it is a Quad Core consists of two A7 two Cortex-Cortex-A15 and certainly not new solution and even presented to July 2013.

“MediaTek and Amazon have the objective of giving the consumer a superior user experience,” said Joe Chen, Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment business units of MediaTek. “With MediaTek processing power at the heart of these products, we are confident that Amazon customers will benefit from improved efficiency and performance.”

“We are committed to bringing you the best entertainment experience to our clients is to use our new Amazon FireTV is the last tablet Fire HD,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Amazon. “MediaTek processors to power our devices will allow us to create a multimedia dimension rich with video in HD, the fluid speed in games and a long-lasting battery”.

So on the one hand, finally we see the use of the first Core Cortex-A72, secondly to propose at the end of 2015 tablets with processors of 2013 there seems a bit counterintuitive. Amazon has already previously used the line of powerful chipset MediaTek to power 7 and 6, Fire HD tablet Fire HD Fire HD Kids Etition.