Maximum Cavazzani, Creator of Bespoken, Confirms Android for Mezcladitos in December

If I say the name of the company, Etermax, many do not know which companies we are talking about, but if you add that they are the creators of the game Bespoken, the thing changes. Last night, in a new edition of The App Date, its CEO Maximo Cavazzani has announced some news regarding their next games, in particular Mezcladitos.

The Argentine company has in mind 5 games by 2013 after a year 2012 without removing news rather than Mezcladitos, although those games that are preparing none is a game with words as they have been with these games. Mezcladitos follows the footsteps of Bespoken, only instead of Board and alternating turn of moves, are now sit & go and both players at the same time.

Each round 16 letters were presented to us and with them we form all the words that we want, with three two-minute rounds that wins the best of three. However, it futile to test a new system of monetization and you can buy powers that you allow us to duplicate points, add time and receive tracks for new words. At the beginning, each player will have 50 coins, which can already earn either playing or buying them in case of being very bad in the game.

One of the biggest advantages is that if you already have the game Bespoken will be imported to Mezcladitos friends, doing that they don’t have to re-add or contacts. The game will be available for Android in December. A curious fact, Apalabrado serves about 400 million ad impressions per month, a surprising number.