Marc Jacobs Perfume

Today, there are the last perfume of my Autumn fragrance week. I’ve only discovered it recently, had a samples in the closet forever lie and it doing on one of my last trips (is always some more practical to take a small sample of just rather than to pack the large bottles – and so one learns always new what know I collect ‘ the samples very fond). It was love directly and fortunately I found, after all, still slightly cheaper perfume directly in the Duty Free Shop.

There is talk of the Marc Jacobs “Perfume”, that there is also for men and scary “delicious” smells (it sprays on – or is it torture for your friends? – just your men during the next visit to perfumery!). I’m already a big fan of “Daisy Eau so fresh!” and Marc likes Jacobs fragrances very much, but this one is my most favorite and now an all-time favorite, which fits not only in the fall, even if he is here most perfectly fits.

The Flacon:
Isn’t he sweet? I like the Lederbändchen and the loop. A bit it reminds of “Chloé”, also one of the scents that I like, only slightly darker, with the black. The spray head is above the opening on the back (not on the bow side), the entire area.

It is said in the press release:

Clothes tell much about the people wearing them. Marc Jacobs sees the woman who loves his style, so: you do what she wants. She is self-confident and unconventional. She knows what she likes, always well dressed, but never overdressed. For this urban Freespirit, he created a perfume that perfectly highlights the character of his fashion: Marc Jacobs perfume.

The fragrance:
Fresh, but still bitter. Floral and feminine. Gardenia is dominant and clear out smell. I very like the scent, he combines contrasts and harmonizes anyway.
“Perfume” is comprised of the following notes:

Top notes:Gardenia, bergamot
Heart notes:Gardenia, jasmine, white pepper
Base notes:Musk, wood notes

For me personally as well as → “Baiser Volé” by Cartier on 1st of my autumn scents. I love him very much and he always fits. During the day, evening, special occasions. He is not so difficult for an Eau de Parfum, ensures the freshness of bergamot. However, the scent is “expressive”.

“Perfume” is available in three sizes: 30 (55,-€), 50 ml (70,-€) and 100 ml (€99). In addition there is still a body lotion (150 ml for 39,-€), a shower gel (150 ml for 33,-€), a purse spray perfume pouch (7.5 ml for 119,-€), a rollerball EdT (6 ml for €20), and an Aqua glow body butter (150 g for €63,-).
(Prices via Douglas online)

Here again are all scents of → “The Scent of Autumn”-Dufwoche at a glance:

  • • Anna Sui – “Forbidden Affair” (Eau de Toilette)
    • “Aura” by Swarovski (Eau de Parfum)
    • Cartier – “Baiser Volé” (Eau de Parfum)
    • Dior – “J ‘adore L’ l’eau Cologne Florale” (Eau de Cologne)
    • Dior – “Pure Poison” (Eau de Parfum)
    • Christian Lacroix for AVON – “Nuit” (Eau de Parfum)
    • Marc Jacobs perfume (Eau de Parfum)

I hope you liked the fragrance week – despite interruptions – and you have the perhaps an or discovered another new fragrance (for you).

At the end I have of course, a question to you:

What is your favorite fall scent?