Makeup Cheap and without Sales

Some of what not can take advantage in sales, is buy cosmetics and makeup products at 50 or 70% off, so I want to propose a makeup cheap and without sales. A theme that recurs all the years, beauty products they tend not to be reduced because the creams, perfumes, and makeup products are not passed fashion as clothes, not having them to withdraw to get new ones.

After money spent on Christmas, the rest of the month of January becomes more uphill and more when you have to buy something and is not discounted. If it is some make-up, can always turn to good and more affordable products as usual, that surely you can find some very similar results counterparts because in times of crisis, if you want to save, save.

  • As Foundation makeup would the infallible of L´OREAL that it gives much light, covers enough without leaving “ mask ” and is not very greasy. The downside that has is which have most long duration of mid-range make-up, tend not to last long.
  • After the base, it is recommended to use Compact powders to secure the base. Powders that would advise are the Ultrafine Powder of Deborah. Hypoallergenic compact powder with natural tones and cover medium/low.
  • For the Rouge, I propose the Flawless Perfection Blusher of Max Factor. I prefer the powder cream blushers, remain more natural.
  • Something that I ask one eye shadow. It is having a strong intensity, because of Margaret Astor, for example, painted very clearly. Some that do very well with this, are the new Ombre Stretch eyeshadow’s Bourjois. Bad thing you have for being new, is that the range of colors is very low (I hope that for the future they a Duet or a trio of this line). I love black color (Intense Black) and Brown (Flexi Brown).
  • After the eyeshadow, that unless delineate them. Me I prefer more pencil khol that eyeliner and therefore a pencil very creamy and very affordable in terms of price is the Crayon khol’s Sephora.
  • A Eyelash mask cheap and very good results is the Masterpiece of Max Factor, similar to the Chanel Inimitable, that defines and separates the tabs apart to give volume.
  • And for the lips, a Sephora lip gloss or one of Zara complete makeup. If you want to sharpen them, the Contour Parfait of L´OREAL It is very creamy. If you prefer a lip to a shine, the Watershine of Maybelline is very nice and moisturising.

We have already mentioned many times in Sweeping about the best clones in makeup and are, the expensive or the cheapest lipsticks? and in times like those who run, yes that are interesting to our makeup products purchased without spending a lot of money.