Make Bridal Bouquet Itself

Wedding – a wedding without bridal bouquet is hard to imagine. We will show you how you can bind a super beautiful bouquet even

Many brides can commit their wedding bouquet by the florists. If you would rather give a personal touch your bridal bouquet, you make it yourself easily. So you can customise it according to your wishes.

Together with foreverly and the florist Harriet Parry , we show you how you can put together a bouquet step by step itself. The individual bouquets are also a beautiful gift for birthdays or other special occasions.

For the bridal bouquet described by Embudoexpress, you need the following things:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves, leaves, green branches
  • a pair of scissors suitable for flowers
  • Stem stripper (a knife will do)
  • Bucket of water
  • Cord
  • Decorative Ribbon (you can use also a rubber)
  • Cord
  • Ribbon
  • Kitchen roll
  • Mirror
  • Table with plenty of space

Step 1: Select flowers

Get some flowers and tree branches in the flower trade.

Step 2: Remove thorns

Remove the leaves and excess foliage with the stem stripper or a knife. Is important at the end that you can keep the flower stems well in hand and assign them to a bouquet.

Step 3: Cut the flower stems

Cut off with a knife, about 2.5 cm of the stem at an acute angle. Otherwise let the stems long, at the end you may shorten again your Strauß when he is ready. You now to cut flowers in a bucket of water until you need them again.

Step 4: Customize your bouquet

Now it’s the creative part: the design! Best you start with the biggest flower, these can be the center of the bouquet. Take this about four or five similar big flowers and place it at a 45 degree angle one behind the other, going out of the Central flower.

Step 5: Place more flowers

Put more flowers and the branches of your choice in the bouquet. Well hold your Blumengrüst and place the new flower stalks like a spiral, by turning the Strauß piece by piece. Think about what structures, colors and shapes together fit. Let your imagination run free!
Extra tip: Use a mirror so you can see your Strauß always from all sides.

Step 6: Fill in gaps

So slowly, your bouquet begins to take shape. Make sure that all the flowers are visible. Some flowers should be slipped too low push a piece of it on a stick, so that you do not damage the flower head. Discover other gaps, populate them with small flowers or leaves by sliding the flowers from the top through the space.

Step 7: Tie together well all

If you are satisfied with your bouquet, you can bind it. At the point where all stalks, tie 2.5-7.5 cm below the flower heads firmly the cord around. Then cut all stems on a length. Especially nice it looks, if you freeze the entire Federal Government with decorative ribbon. To keep your bouquet fresh, wrap the stem with damp kitchen paper.

You want to make your bridal bouquet, not only but also prefer your wedding cake yourself? Then look here.