Luxury Handmade Watch

The glue Club time Move is the only model driven by an automatic movement. It came on the market in 2012.

A luxurious watch, handmade in a village in Brandenburg? Frank Glue was able to do this and has been producing sophisticated timepieces for several years, which have even been awarded.

Bliesendorf, west of Potsdam: A small village, idyllically located not far from the Havel. Far from a lunacy like in Geneva or the watch tradition from Glashütte. But for about two years, a man has been dedicated to the production of complicated wrist watches in the upper class. Glue-Watch saddle is the one-man company, named after its owner, Frank Glue. According to timedictionary, the company produces three watch models: the Club time Classic, the Club time Move and the Club time Vigor. All in the classical look and value between 3,800 and 8,000 euros, depending on which functions, complications and materials the customer wishes. After all, glue is made to order: “This is the true luxury of keeping a watch unique,” he says in the conversation with the World’s Luxury Guide.

Handmade Watches from the Province

Frank Glue, in his previous life, was an industrial salesman and seller of roofing tiles, the making of watches was autodidactic. Even in his childhood, he loved to make things, tinker, put them back in motion. “The mechanics with their screws and levers have always interested me,” says Glue. With the aging, the interest in watches and their precision works was also added. Glue began to repair historic watches – with moderate success at first. He got help from an experienced watchmaker from Potsdam, also used the Internet as a source for information and for the procurement of the first devices and milling cutters. He perfected his methods, dared to more and more complicated watch models.

The First Glue Clock was Created at the kitchen Table

For around ten years, Frank Glue repaired broken watches, some 10,000 copies, which he bought from Ebay via Ebay. “But it was not always enough to deal with broken things, I wanted to make a watch of my own,” says Glue. The first dial design was made with a compass and pin at the kitchen table. Raw clocks for the later “Club time” christened clock got glue from Switzerland, “as many large luxury companies make”. Dials he produced by Cador in Esslingen, the case at Fricker in Pforzheim. “More than 80 percent of the watch parts come from Germany, and I value them”, says Glue with pride.

At the end of 2011, the first Club time Classic was finished and the watchmaker went on cheerfully, producing around 50 copies of his now three models, which consist of 240 parts. A time-consuming matter, more than one watch can not produce glue a week, even if he is not working on new models or traveling at trade fairs.

5th place at the “Gold one Rruh”

In February 2013 the provisional career reached for Frank Glue; He has applied with his favorite model, the Club time Vigor, at the prestigious watch magazine, which for years has been awarded the “Gold one Balance” for the best mechanical watches in the world. The Club time Vigor has a round 42-millimeter stainless steel case, a column-wheel chronograph movement with manual lift and a gait of 48 hours. The dial is available in white, black, blue and brown and displays in dices from Arabic numerals. Three auxiliary dials offer a small second at nine o’clock, a stop-minute at three o’clock, and a 24-hour o’clock at seven o’clock. The bracelet is made of brown or black alligator leather. Overall a harmonious and classic looking watch.

The courage of Glue was rewarded, and the Club time Vigor was selected by the readers of the watch magazine to place five out of ten in the category “watches up to 5000 Euro”. Although he had to be defeated by the Tag This year Carrera Caliber 1887 and the Zurich braungold of Nomos Glashütte, he pointed out, for example, the Omega Speed master Racing Chronograph and the Wempe Chronometer Works Glashütte i / SA. In June 2013, Frank Glue launched a special model of his award-winning watch: the Club time Vigor Black Brightness, which is completely black in color and is additionally blackened with diamonds and is therefore even more valuable but also more striking than the classic Club time Vigor.

The Customers are Mainly from Potsdam

Who is one of Glue’s customers? “People who value the unique,” Glue puts it. His customers are mostly Potsdamer, many are managers and artists. In the capital of Brandenburg, a watchmaker’s shop and a gentlemen’s outfit sell the glue watches. In the meantime, another partner offers the Bliesendorf unicates in Baden-Baden, the fashionable health resort with well-heeled, international guests. Some of the glue models will probably be too simple, too classical. But a further step towards recognition in the world – and in the best case to success – has been done.