Look Of The Day: Body Chain

Genteen OII! So… I think I kind of switched stations in terms of fashion. In the winter I used parts…

Genteen OII! So… I think I kind of switched stations in terms of fashion. In the winter I used super colorful parts.And now this summer I’m super black! I can’t explain what happened. Haha! But be prepared for a lot of black looks coming around.

So! The look of today also follows the footprint more relax I have brought for you lately. With only 25 years I’m learning to use looks more robbed.

Anyways… Today I bring you my version of a visual with body chain reviewed by Chicrandolph. This play’s super high this time of year, but the one I bought has years. Purchased from an online store of Switzerland and was only used once prior to that (a ballad).And as I said, I bought the years (at least 2).

This body chain, for having multiple layers, has a heavier footprint that I definitely wouldn’t use bikini only (it’s like if you have used). And it’s definitely a piece that I find very difficult to use. But I thought in this look, made all the difference!

Below it, I decided to use a smooth black satin blouse, not to fight with the accessory.

In short, I used this spear Perfume! He was kind of false advertising. Hahahaha! Why I bought it over the internet (as practically 99% of everything you buy) and in the model, he kept divo. To me, half the piece appeared. Haha! Why he has kind of a shape in v. had to ask seamstress put a cloth under the fringes, for he was very indecent!

And accessories, used this Rayban wannabe, H & M, earrings forgot to put ring and bracelet with a gladiator of Schutz, who became my shoe of the day-to-day!

And Yes, the life of a blogger is to get look of the day with the phone in my hand! Haha! Because I had just finished photographing the look pro Snapchat (he is still there, kamillakleine<3) and ended up getting in hand and didn’t even notice. Haha! Good! This look I definitely would use for a walk, be bereaved. And you, where would they use?

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