Look More Formal Work Wearing Sneakers, He Rolls?

Today’s post starts with the questions we received from Roberta.

“Girls, I really need a help. I’m a University Professor and I’ve got a health problem feet that forces me to use only tennis. The problem is that the courses I Minister has a more formal profile. To complicate matters further, I teach at night, I’m super cold and freezes daily in return home. Help! How can I set up more social tennis looks and you still keep me warm? “

To that question we answer: Calm Roberta! We’re here to help you. So take my hand and let’s make this lemon lemonade. Because it gives Yes to mount looks awesome and they let you perfectly suited to your professional environment. Bora to tips?


Nowadays, tennis became a super generic term. After all, there’s so much choice! So, pick your shoes can make your life very much in time to assemble the looks.

The color of the shoes, for example, makes all the difference. For more formal looks, bet on tennis of one color and choose colors more discreet as white, black, grey, rosé .. even the metallic can be considered neutral (and we talk about them in a moment). No wonder that the white shoe from Shoe-wiki turned out to be a trend in the world and today is almost a constant in looks comfortable and full of charm.

For these and others, avoid the Tennis Academy. They are more flashy and make more difficult the task of putting together a formal look.

Modeling is also essential. Less sporting models, with less information and more delicate colors are far less informal. Dutch pipes shoelaces (or no laces) and without much apparent marks logos also help give a face “normal” shoe for tennis.


We always say that nobody Nos only blouse or pants. And let’s repeat: nobody leaves only, right? That means that, even being a super casual shoe, can you make up this informality with other parts of the look.

And how do we bring formality pro look? Fact is that the more information a look (colors, textures, accessories, etc.), more informal. So, here are some ways to get the information to make it look more formal:

Bet a look with less colors, use colors that do not contrast too between themselves, can be a tone on tone too.

Use more formal fabrics, those that do not stretch and don’t mark the body (what we call “fabric plan”).

Choose trims more Classics (such as shirts, pants and skirts of tailoring).

Give more attention to finishes (metallic buttons, zipper escondidinho).

Bet on most fashionable accessories (such as structured handbags, silk scarves, bijoux minimalist) and run from those who informalizam the look (materials such as seeds, plastic and resin).

Refer to third parts to help you with the finishing, the sophistication and the cold! Can abuse of coats, blazers and scarves well beautiful neck.

Here are some good examples of all this in.

With slacks in monochromatic looks:

With jeans and light colors:

With powerful skirts:


There’s no point buying the fanciest of the tennis world, if it is dirty or broken up, the whole look falls down the drain.

Especially tennis lighter colors tend to get dirty easily, so if you don’t usually have a lot of time to take care of them right, it’s better to invest in darker shades that disguise the dirt better (like black or Navy Blue).

Whatever the color, once in a while, give a great deal on your sneakers. A esfregadinha with coconut SOAP and a nice clean shoelaces will help us leave your shoes always with new face. Look at the difference that makes a look with white sneakers.

  1. COMBINE With The Color Of The LOOK

We always talk about it, but always worth repeating: to create looks easy, elegant and appropriate for any work environment, go to monochromatic (ie: a look to the ground with the same color).

Has a white sneakers? Bet a look all white. Black shoes? Combine with a look all black and be happy. In addition to the natural elegance of monochromatic, use all of the same color will end up leaving the tennis more discreet.

  1. For The Cold: Think Of FONDLY In The TISSUES

The composition of the fabrics of the pieces that we use has a huge influence on thermal sensation of our body.

Natural fabrics (such as cotton, linen, silk) leave our skin breathe better and therefore don’t make us sweat in the heat. Already the synthetics (polyester) heat up much more because they hold body heat.

Soon, a good alternative for those who are in cold environments is to use a natural fabric blouse (like cotton) directly on the skin and a mesh and/or jacket in synthetic fabric on top. So, the skin can breathe (because it will not be in direct contact with the synthetic fabric) and the mesh or jacket will be able to hold body heat to make you feel warm and comfortable.

Well, we hope that the tips have helped not only to Roberta, but you that’s reading too. After all, who doesn’t want to be fashionable and comfortable, right?

And if you have a question about fashion, style, clothing, all those things there that configure our look, remember that we’re here. So, let the your questions here in the comments or send it to contato@uasz.com.br so we can start thinking about legal ways of solving the your dilemma.

And, of course, if you want to get deeper into the subject, don’t forget that we also have an online program of personal style advice. Everyone is suspect to talk, but the program is pretty cool and has total focus on helping people find your personal style and make better choices in time to get dressed. All information so here.