Lightweight Cabin Backpack

To travel with ease by plane, it is possible to bring a carry-on friendly. There are many types of backpacks that can serve as cabin baggage. At MBC, we offer the leisure backpack and trekking backpack. The first is a small backpack cabin light and compact and the second is a kind of backpack size much larger and larger cabin with more storage space.

The two formats of travel backpacks are significant advantages. If you intend to fly soon and you don’t like to wait in front of the turntable to pick up your luggage, aviationopedia would recommend a backpack for aircraft cabin.


Benefits of the cabin backpack for travel by plane


Whatever the duration of your trip, a backpack is transportable everywhere. Ergonomic carry-on, only your hips support the weight. Backpack size cabin is very flexible, it adapts to the load. It’s a light cabin baggage if you compare it to a cabin suitcase. The backpack is synonym of freedom where you can go where you want with compared to a cabin suitcase. It’s a carry-on anti clutter. The cabin suitcase darn limited travel. A backpack is compatible for the aircraft cabin and it is very economical. With a backpack going on a trip the light spirit.


When you choose a quality backpack, you will often notice its robustness and its resistance to wear. A backpack for travel in the cabin is able to hold the shock during the duration of the planned trip. There is a huge choice of backpack of brand and at a very good value for money. Choose a backpack as cabin baggage is to ensure not to have to pay the price to travel quietly.

Criteria for choosing his cabin backpack

The capacity and weight

Choose a travel bag that is not too heavy when it is empty as once completed, it could to hurt your back. In transport or on vacation, a heavy backpack might slow you down and you get tired.

There are also your backpack recreational or trekking to haveadequate capacity so that you can put everything you need for your next trip. You can opt for a backpack cabin with a volume of 40l, 50l or 60l. Some models offer even an expandable size.


The chest strap should not hinder you or crush your bust. The lap belt must be able to adapt to your pond. There are also the hike to the cabin size backpack is well supported on your back.It should not swing or even drag it to the sides. He must also be strong and perfectly finished so that it can last a long time and do not wear out quickly.

If you’re a man plan a trekking bag or leisure male type. If you are a woman plan so a backpack travel allowed in the cabinwith a feminine design with colors corresponding to your tastes. A backpack with a textile ventilated can also choose to let the air circulate freely.

The portage

Porting is a point should not at all be overlooked with regard to a backpack. This setting will depend on the overall performance of the backpack model not expensive. Well know information regarding port will allow you to gain mobility. Indeed, your trip will be less tiring.

The port is an essential element allowing you to choose the type of backpack that need you. A backpack that is allowed in the cabin must be comfortable and correspond to your morphology.

All of the brands also make sure to differentiate between human morphology and morphology woman.

You can choose between a backpack cabin without wheels or casters. If your are accustomed to the system of cabin trolley suitcase, backpack with wheels is a good alternative for traveling light. You can also opt for a hiking ideal ventilation system cabin bag to avoid excessive sweating.

The price

Be sure to buy a bag to suit your budget. It’s generallybackpack recreational or trekking is of much better quality when it is expensive. Brands are sure to offer several options, including at the level of storage and ease of porting and maintaining spaces.

Nevertheless, nobody is forcing you to ruin you, if you have a small budget, you can settle for a small cabin size as excellent Eastpack rucksacks backpack. These offer excellent value.

You will find many designs on the Amazon site. If you are looking for the best backpack trip, plan a budget. Brands like Kipling, Delsey and Samsonite offer real wonders.