LG G6 Comes With QHD + Display

Before a new smartphone appears on the market, especially in the network are mainly rumors rather than facts. But now a subsidiary of LG has confirmed that the new model G6 is to be equipped with a QHD+ display. Even before the new Bolide is officially presented, this highlight proves to be true. The display is even to come with relatively unusual dimensions around the corner.

LG G6 Comes With QHD + Display

LG G6 With Widescreen

The LG G6 is to have a QHD + display in 5.7 inch size and dissolve with 2,880 x 1,440 pixels in the so-called QHD+. According to top-engineering-schools, the specified resolution is unusual because QHD normally has 2.560 x 1.440 pixels.The reason for this subtle difference is the basic aspect ratio of the new display. It is not as usual 16: 9, but 18: 9 and is thus in the transverse format a little wider than the standard. The company LG Display had recently confirmed these specifications and betrayed that the new display should already be used in the LG G6, so PhoneArena.

Additional Features

In addition to the above data, the new QHD+display of the LG G6 is to have further special features.For example, an inTouch technology is to be installed, which should ensure a significantly better reaction time on contact. The display is surrounded by a very thin frame, which could decorate the LG G6 with a nearly borderless display. However, this remains to be seen, since no further details have so far been made on this point. So that the basic dimensions of the G6 but not too much sprawling, we can already assume that it has at the upper and lower end significantly slimmer edges.

LG G6 With Decent Performance

According to current rumors, the LG G6 is not only a special display, but also thanks to the Snapdragon 835 processor to be provided with remarkable power. LG will also want to do without the modular design of the G6. For a long time, however, we will not have to deal with speculation.Already at the end of February LG is to present its new flagship at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. Then we also see how the QHD+display actually shows itself.