Let’s Go Back To The Blog With Many New Lunches In Lingerie!

Good!Few days and without seeing around here… I already have a few days since we returned from the mini-vations, and as you may have also been around, enjoying these days, and you’ve lost a lot of our stuff, you I invite you to take a walk through this post so that nothing happens to you.

Well I tell you… the new season comes loaded with news and super special models of our lingerie as described in bra selection for large sizes and standard and we already have in store !. Bras spectacular, high panties, Brazilian, mischievous … and well attentive to coming dates so soon we will also get bodys and many more models.

Let’s go there…

We start with what is for me the most anticipated model of the season, which, in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, is very youthful… the Karima set, with bra with no filling and stamped with matching lace and wider straps for greater support . Special for sizes up to 120H . You can combine it with high panties, which is gorgeous. I leave your links.

The model SOFT 1716, is one of the models that you are going to put. You have the following options: bra with floral lace and lace tulle and wide straps that can be combined with the panties. Ohhh! And if you are of mischief you also have this option, that with the briefs are precious .You can see them in these links.

The next model, comes stomping … Many of you have already asked us. The best of this semi-quilted bra with fresh floral print, its unusual colors and shapes, super wide straps for a great support in sizes and large cups, and that is alsoavailable for sizes up to size 120H, but Also available in standard sizes from size 90C.

And it does not end there,you can combine it with one of the two panties that the set , the two precious. I leave your links.

Few collections have so many clothes to choose from, and if it is also sexy and sexy you can ask for more. If you like bodys this will not leave you indifferent, spectacular and daring in black. The rest of the collection comes in two colors black and bordeaux depending on the model you have to choose semi-padded, push up bras with Brazilian, culotte and panties. I leave your links so that you see which you like more.

Apart from all these sets, I leave you other models that have also come to us. To see them you just have to click on the photo and if you want to see the panties that are going to play low down on the product tab and you will see them. You sure like them.

So far… as you can see there are a lot of news and what more beautiful…

Ahhh! I forgot… If you want to take advantage, there are the last days with the bath clothes on offer, and you can continue to use the discount code VERANO2016 , so if you are interested, do not fall as there are very few sizes left.

I could not leave without reminding you, that if you have any doubts, consult me, I am here for it. Anyway the majority of doubts are solved in the sections: Guide of Sizes and Washing and ironing and in the post” 5 tips to keep your lingerie like new”. As always we continue withthe free postage on purchases over 50 euros and if something is not going well, we will change it without charge.

Well, what do you think of all these news? What is your favorite model Have you received any of them yet? Do you tell me what you think