Less Excavators and More Trees: New Video a View of Drone of The Campus 2

Yes, already have here again another video of the works of the Campus 2 engraved from a drone. But this already shows an important difference from the last months: much of the heavy machinery has been removed and the complex already begins to look as it should.

While there are still traces of rain that left the storms of last month in Cupertino, much of excavators and cranes already are not. Just a crane that is helping to fit solar panels the roof in the main building of the campus, a work which already should not take to complete.

Will we see a first keynote at that Campus to March?

The absence of machinery also leaves much better see the tracts of land surrounding the buildings. Are already beginning to see the construction of roads where employees are going to stroll, with placed headlights and vegetation that has been already planted both inside and outside of the main building.

The area that seems more complete is the building for research and development, besides having trees already is paved. And two garage buildings are already being used by the same operator, so we can also give it by finish.

The question I ask myself watching this video is: come this new Campus 2 in time to celebrate a keynote in March at its Amphitheater? In this month we should see the arrival of new iPad as already happened in 2016, and possibly Apple leverage to also release their own theatre where present news. Great hurry would have to give, but it is quite clear that we will see this finished around summer.