Leather Jacket with Fox Fur Collar

No need to spend money on a coat because it looks solid, elegant, modern, feminine possible in jacket with fur trim. Such things are not very expensive but popular because of its versatility, originality and variety of models.

Ladies Jacket with Fox Fur – a Combination of Luxury and Practicality

Top trimmed with fox began to conquer the hearts of fashion in the middle of the last century. Today this animal skins adorn jackets of different materials:

  • Winter jacket, motorcycle jacket with fox – a great thing for the cold season. Moreover, the style down jacket can be shorter, more sports, youth and long, straight or mounted. Usually fox painted on the hood, cuffs, pockets, but some models are complemented with fur inserts lapel.
  • Jacket fox vest with fur – a modern article of clothing, which can be supplemented depending on the cut, and evening wear, and a range of jeans and sweaters. In this product, any woman look very attractive and feels very confident.
  • Leather jacket with fur – trend of the season. Skin and hair perfectly complement each other, usually chosen this option of the fairer sex who want to highlight their charm.

How to Choose a Jacket with Fur?

You can see many pictures of jackets with fox fur and give preference to any model before the trip to the store, but the quality of the coat has a deal in place:

  • The famous fox long nap light gray – spend it on hand – you have to feel the softness of the way, fox is one of the warmest coat;
  • Try gently pull the hair – they have to “sit” firmly and do not get out of the product, otherwise, very soon, beautiful collar will march in cat;
  • Fox often or paint – it does not have to warn you, the new facial skin look even more impressive, the main resistance test painting;
  • Well if unfastened skin product – in this case can be washed product independently and in wet weather you can avoid feeling the state coat.
  • Buying a jacket, be sure to select the most appropriate hats and gloves that could also decorate the same coat.