Learn How to Customize Umbrellas and Increase Profits

One of the most indispensable accessories for those who spend the day away from home, working or studying, is the umbrella or umbrella. Having one always at hand can save us from taking some unwanted baths.

Whoever sells this salvador accessory, knows that on rainy days sales grow, but on other days of the year, things are not so good. Why not make the accessory a little more charming and consequently attractive to the public through customizations? Check out our tips on how to customize umbrellas through the sublimation technique and let go of all your creativity in accessory customization!

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the transformation from the solid state to the gaseous state, ie an image printed on solid paper, undergoing heat and pressure, turns into steam and is transferred to the product. The technique allows a world of possibilities and can make you stamp a multitude of images on the inside and outside of umbrellas – since the accessory is made of nylon – without even having to disassemble it, depending on the size and type of Image that will be printed on the accessory.

How to do sublimation on umbrellas?

The technique is very simple and practical, you only have a Plotter Printing Machine, and, put the umbrella on the machine, well stretched, position the image to be stamped, set the printer, remove the protective plastic from its print And press on the location that will receive the customization. Soon, the process is quick and easy and allows a large amount of umbrellas to be customized in just one day. If you do not have the sheets, know that Embaplan prints them so you can sublimate!

Now that you know how to customize umbrellas through sublimation techniques, check out some ideas and suggestions for prints that can grab the attention of customers and give a  boost  in sales of the accessory!

Creative prints for umbrellas

– Blue sky

Imagine the day is gray and the rain does not stop. When you leave work you open your umbrella and you are done, a blue sky with beautiful white clouds appears on you. Besides being very beautiful, is it not a creative idea or not?

– Fruits

The fruit- based prints are very different and creative, and can leverage sales with the public who enjoy unique accessories, that is, almost everyone.

– Marbles

A childlike touch can also be used when customizing your umbrella. The tip is to use white umbrella in this type of print, because the design is lighter and consequently more beautiful.

– Checked

Completely in tune with the winter, the checkered prints can also be incorporated into the umbrella, making the accessory much more charming and full of style.

– Children

Mommy loves to see their children in “cute” clothes or accessories, so children’s prints can also be a good idea to get the customer’s attention and consequently value the accessory.

– Colorful

To help brighten a rainy day, nothing better than many colors and creativity. This picture gives the tone needed to help change our mood in those bad days.

– Thematic

Using children’s themes or pictures can also help increase sales, as children always identify with their favorite characters and superheroes and consequently with the products in which they appear.

Did you like our tips on how to customize umbrellas through the sublimation technique? Then leave a comment and tell us! And remember that you can count on Embaplan to print your sublimation sheets!