Learn All about Cctv and Video Surveillance

What Are Worth For?

Video surveillance systems are used to monitor, detect, recognize or identify human activities that could jeopardize the safety of spaces, property and occupants.

Why Acquire The Systems?

They are deterrents of unlawful acts, such as vandalism, intrusion and theft;

Allows to verify events coming from alarm systems;

They are always alert, day and night;

They allow the recording of the images and their subsequent visualization;

They also allow for operational control and business management.


By specialized security company;

In accordance with applicable standards and manufacturer’s instructions;

Complying with the current national legislation, in particular with the legal instruments that establish the Law of Data Protection, Private Security and Labor Code

Where To Install

In all interior and exterior spaces where people and property are to be protected, as well as to verify and control occurrences.


Minimum annual frequency. However, this period can be reduced taking into account the operating conditions and the characteristics of the place, seeking to ensure the smooth functioning of the system; According to the manufacturer’s instructions;
By specialized security company.

More Information

The installation of video surveillance systems requires prior authorization and registration with the National Commission for Data Protection Images recorded by video surveillance systems must be kept for a period of 30 days, after which they must be destroyed.

In places subject to surveillance, a notice with the following information must be displayed in a prominent place: “For your protection, this place is under surveillance of a closed circuit television” or “For your protection, this place under surveillance of a closed circuit television, proceeding to the recording of image and sound, followed by an identifying symbol.

Depending on the type of protection required, video surveillance systems may be complemented by intrusion alarm, fire detection and access control systems.
(Decree-Law No 35/2004 of 21 February

For the installation of video surveillance systems in public spaces of common use consult the applicable legislation in force.