Know the Main Professional Headphones in Brazil

Whoever works professionally with music knows how important it is to have a quality headset.There are several models available in the Brazilian market and the consumer should pay attention to issues such as durability, sound insulation, comfort and sound quality when buying.

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But if you think that to have a professional phone, you have to spend a fortune.There are also more ‘cheap’ models that might surprise you.Know some models used by different professionals.

Helicopter/Airplane Pilot

Good communication with the command tower needs to be clear and in emergency situations it can save lives.The David Clarck H 10-30 Headset is expensive, but it is still considered a good cost benefit for professionals in the area – a unit will cost $ 2,400.It has as main attributes comfort, sound insulation and active noise cancellation in the microphone. The model counts sensitivity of 90 dB, 150 ohms impedance, 200-5,500 Hz frequency response.


If you like some band you’ve probably seen it out there in someone’s head.Koss Porta Pro is one of the most used models by musicians worldwide.He does not have many new features in the design – okay, he can be folded and adjusted per click – but it’s in simplicity that he conquers both the metal folk and the pagodeiros.It is very lightweight, but the adjustment knob allows it to get stuck to the head.The cord has a volume control and a microphone.The Koss Porta Pro has 101 dB of sensitivity, 60 ohms and 15-25,000 Hz of frequency response.In Brazil, it can be found for about R $ 450.

In addition to Koss, another successful brand among musicians is Shure.It has a series of professional headphones, but the darling among the bands is the SE535. The price is not very cheap, about R $ 1,700, but what attracts the most attention is the sound insulation and the comfort provided by the ergonomics of the in-ear earphone.The model has three microdrivers and reinforced Kevlar cables that can be replaced.It has 119 dB of sensitivity, 36 ohms and 18 -19,000 Hz of frequency response.


Allen & Heath is a little-known brand in Brazil, but it’s one of the favorite DJs out there.Among the models that are successful are the XONE XD2-53.It has larger drives and its housing is made of plastic which leaves the handset looking sturdy but light compared to other models that use metal.It has 105dB sensitivity, 36 ohm impedance and 5-33,000 Hz frequency response.In the United States the XONE XD2-53 costs about $ 150, about $ 605 in direct conversion.

One of the most popular DJs is the Sennheiser HD25-1 II.It is a bit smaller than the usual models, but it is its setting that catches the eye.They are 70 ohms impedance, 120 dB sensitivity, 16-22,000 Hz frequency response.In Brazil, the Sennheiser HD25-1 II can be found for about R $ 1,200.

news reporter

Cost benefit is the key word for most headphones used by television reporters.A very common model is HD 202 from Sennheiser.Costing about $ 150, it has the basics to make matters live, a reasonable sound insulation and a discreet design that does not draw so much attention.Another good feature is that it has a cable organizer, great for not messing up at the wrong time.The HD 202 has 115 dB of sensitivity, 32 ohms of impedance and 18-18,000 Hz of frequency of response.

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