Kitten Heeled Shoes for Womens

Have you ever heard of the kitten heel? This is the kitten heel that lately is depopulated in footwear, a sign of a return to a more ladylike fashion.

When it comes to shoes is always a bit tricky being able to identify which is the better offer. Indeed, it is not simple because there are shoes for every occasion, from going to work in the gym, from the outdoors to the proposals by night or ceremony. In short, there are many, perhaps too many, but what every woman knows is that the heel is a great ally of the silhouette.

It is a very obvious statement but it is always good to remember those seeking still resisting. Accepted my heel passes, what is the right one? There are those who want the most high, who prefers a touch of plateau for not suffering too, those who opt for half-measures. You want to be trendy and also a pinch bon ton? Well, then it’s time to choose the heel shoes kitten heel.

The kitten heel is what we know as kitten heel, born around the 20s and that conquered women especially in the 50s. The height is really insignificant, because you go from a 1cm up to a maximum of 3cm.

This type of heel is mainly applied to pumps, which can be completely closed, trim, chanel and Even the sandals can rely on this detail, although they are less known and less loved. Anyway, what you should know is that shoes with kitten heel are perfect to wear under jeans and skirts, but beware, if you have your foot a bit long perhaps it is better to avoid them, because they will tend to make it even more tapered.

You can wear them at night too, as long as it’s the same shoe in hand, and even on the day of your wedding. Not surprisingly, there are many fashion houses that make wedding shoes with kitten heel, designed especially for women who refuse to soar all day about excessively high shoes.

Among the shoes spring/summer 2016 more cool and characterized by kitten heel there are not only those of the best known brands but also those of the big names more beloved by fashionistas. One of these is certainly Christian Louboutin that, this year, next to the legendary pump 12 heel (and even more), has posted some model far lower, as the leather pumps you see in the picture.

Salvatore Ferragamo, too, as well as other maison italiane, has developed a series of exclusive models and chic, like this one, a cap toe nude and black shades, perfect for everyday and also for job opportunities. And what do you think of the shoes kitten heel, you like?