Junior Sunglasses

The sunglasses  are ageless. According to ophthalmologists, it is from the age of 12 months when the youngest children in the household can start wearing glasses all year round. 
Like the skin, the eyes can not forget them even in winter. A good visual protection will avoid important sight problems in our children. Get yourself a pair of glasses for who deserves the most.

If we look back a few years ago it was difficult to find children’s sunglasses that protect the eyes had the plus of being a trend at the same time; Now this is already a reality, as andyoutdoor says. The brands of sunglasses bet on the junior line, a line to which they have rendered famous and it girls of the moment.

What Junior Glasses Do I Have To Buy?

When choosing a sunglasses for children must be taken into account the same as if those glasses were for an adult. It is important that it be an original glasses, with the CE guarantee of conformity.Have a suitable filter, at least filter 3, and do not contain glass or glass that could damage the child in the event of an accident. Most children’s sunglasses are polycarbonate and with organic crystals;That is, light and unbreakable.

How To Choose Sunglasses For My Peque?

1- Having CE guarantee of conformity

2- Have filter 3

3- Do not have glass or glass

4- Make it polycarbonate

The fashion of going dressed like mom or dad is being imposed little by little. Now we can not only copy the look that daddy takes, imitating his jersey, shirt or shirt; Now we can share the same add-ons and of course! The sunglasses . Brands like RayBan, Persol or Carrera offer a great variety ofjunior sunglasses for all styles do you want to know the junior glasses?

Ray Ban Junior

Ray Ban has gone one step further in his collections. The brand already has its mind set on the smallest. Can you imagine a Aviator or Wayfarer glasses in mini size? because more than imagine you can see them, touch them and try them.


This summer they have triumphed because we saw the daughters of the Kings of Spain wear them.Fresh, wearable and very young so are the sunglasses that proposes Carrera for children. WithCarrerino the Italian firm dresses the eyes of the youngest of the house without leaving aside the tendencies and the color.

Polaroid Kids

Brand Polaroid has triumphed this summer with his sunglasses. Colorful, comfortable and suitable for all audiences and pockets, the firm has gone one step further and designs its lenses for small but huge looks.

The sunglasses kids have become protagonists this summer and will remain indispensable in the looks of the little ones for this season. Look how some of the ones we have taught you above are left with.