Jewelry with Marine Theme

Hello! I’m back and I really was missing them. I spent a great week at the beach and this inspired me a lot. That’s why today I want to talk about marine-themed jewelry . This will be very popular by the end of August, as well as by next fall. I will tell you about a lot of ornaments, and anchor-shaped brooches. But, first of all, let’s talk a bit about your story.

Marine-themed jewelry emerged in the early 20th century, and in the 1960s, talented designer Jean Schlumberger, a guest jeweler at Tiffany & Co , shaped his ideas into precious stones and metals, making beautiful marine jewelry. The most unusual creatures of nature became inspiration to make jewelry pieces with enchanting beauty, such as: starfish, sea urchins, fish, shells, among others.

When they began, a fish-shaped brooch was born that shone with metals and precious stones, then came a “starfish” in the form of a brooch and a “seahorse” in the form of a pendant. Everything related to the sea, such as shells, hedgehogs and many other things of the fantastic world of depth, were part of his inspiration.

In the new 2017 we will face a completely different style: marine-themed jewelry, Victorian and even futuristic fashion.The palette of colors for the new season will also dazzle with its variety – from neon tones to metallic tones and we will find balance with a range of pastel and white colors.

Jewelery with Goldfish:

Among the most popular figures in the underwater world are the goldfish, or better known in Spanish as “Golden or colored fish.” They are a symbol of success and help us fulfill our most incredible and unexpected desires. It has become a reliable talisman for those who wish to have an exclusive place in society. Any adornment with this fish, will help us with success.


Rings with sea turtle shapes, anchors, sailboats and starfish, have to be on your shopping list.

Tommy Hilfiger:

In the Tommy Hilfiger Fall-Winter collection of 2016-2017, there are plenty of silk dresses, blouses, dresses with ties and pajamas, but the main theme is marine jewelry. One of the most interesting details is that almost all looks are complemented by a choker and it is not just a choker, it is the first accessory in my list, because it can perfectly fit your look.

This brand has always been famous for the perfect pearl necklaces, that is why this time its marine colors are: red, blue and white. We can also find many more chokers and earrings with pearls.

The main material to express the beauty of the sea, is the pearl.

And of course the third attribute of the marine look of Tommy Hilfiger, is an anchor-shaped clasp.

The marine-themed jewelry is a style traditionally considered for the summer.

However, following the rules of fashion, is no longer fashionable . Click to tweet.

That’s why in his fall-winter collection, Tommy Hilfiger decided to break with the stereotypes and introduced a lot of jewelry inspired by the water conquerors.Even the models paraded on a boat-shaped paddle-board and, frankly, I think it’s something wonderful.


Prada always brings us an important event in the world of fashion and the new autumn-winter collection was no exception.According to the opinion of the guests to the show, they say that all very melancholic and at the same time had some glamor.Once again the main theme was the marine.

But not in the classic sense of the word, they did not have traditional vests and pants, everything was dedicated to those girls who lived in the 1940s during World War II.

Miuccia Prada has admitted that the inspiration for her new collection is in the traveler look of “Vagabond”.

She always goes on a trip to see the world or to learn from herself.

The designer has created a kind of collage with different styles, colors and materials. She also borrowed some items from the male closet and some prints from Hawaii.

Marine Swarovski Crystals:

In the new collection of Swarovski for 2017, appeared two new colors for pedrería and crystals;

A new color for glass beads and also some marine elements. But the most important thing for us is the sea crystals (obviously).

Sea urchin crystals:

The creator of this design is Celine Cousteau , a director, ecologist and granddaughter of the famous ocean explorer, Jean-Yves Cousteau.
The inspiration to create this crystal, are the depths of the ocean, where life is beautiful and amazing.As she created this form, Swarovski’s designers collaborated with Celine Cousteau to convey a sense of mystery and beauty, to draw attention to the problems of the environment, both on land and at sea.

Crystals “tornado”:

These crystals are a fascinating sight.The same Swarovski designers, tried to make new jewelry and this new crystal.

“Radiolary” pendants:

The radiolaria inhabit the entire surface of the sea and at a depth of up to six thousand meters.These microscopic creatures have lived in the ocean since antiquity and their form is infinitely varied, so it was an inspiration to Celine Cousteau and the designers of Swarovski.

Pendants “sea shells”:

Since ancient times they have used sea shells to create jewelry, but the new Swarovski pendants are in the form of spiral shells and will help modern jewelers to make bright, marine-themed products.

In the art of jewelry, ornaments with marine style are found very often, because the sea has always aroused interest in the human soul and led to the imagination.A lot of designers are in love with legends and myths, about mermaids, Atlantis and also the incredible marine life.