Jewelry Trends Across the Decades

When we look at today’s jewelry trends, each piece can somehow have clues from previous decades. There are slight similarities in style and use of materials.

A decade is also a long measure of time, but each one is characterized and remembered better by a distinctive image. This is a learning experience, and perhaps a reminder to some.

It is difficult to accurately determine the exact jewelry trends of each decade; 10 years is enough to change the face of fashion and the same can be said of jewelry. The following images are supposed to give a brief idea of ​​the prevailing style of fashion, jewelry and accessories that were popular in the respective decades.


The 1920s were full of luxury Art Deco style. The image on the right is from the movieThe Great Gatsby. If you remember, the economic boom of this period caused prodigious expenses and the women were exceptionally dressed. During this period, common trends were geometric pendants, beads and diamonds. Jewelry on clothing was also very popular.

The pearls were something they all needed at that time, but there was a problem, not all girls could buy necklaces with authentic pearls, that’s why they bought the ones that looked real, but in reality they were replicas. To this day, pearls are still used by many women.


The Art Deco style began to fade, the focus of the fashion industry was in America where women were influenced by the elegance of Hollywood. During this time, plastic was introduced as a material for jewelry, as were lunar stones and other economic stones that imitated the real business.

The image on the left is a showcase from a few years ago. Captures the spirit of the decade, an interpretation of the time period in an installation.

Several artists experimented with materials in the design of jewelry: glass, fabric, copper, alloy, paper, paint, wood, among others. A great example of the creations of the time, are the necklaces with different forms of flowers. As we see in the picture of Lucille Ball.


This decade was dominated by elegance and diamonds. Curiously, it all started with the “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign by the diamond company ” De Beers “.Thousands of American women were convinced that they NEED to have a diamond engagement ring . Of course, the Hollywood scene began to fill with diamonds throughout the entire trend.

The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings were becoming bigger and extravagant.And they not only used diamonds for the creation of such jewelry; The white and yellow gold, the precious stones and the pearls, were also the protagonists of that time.


The 1950s sparked a new wave in the fashion industry, one that was much more liberal, with more choice than ever before. Style options were maintained at a very sophisticated level. Jewelry sets that accentuated femininity were very popular and combined jewelry gave a more “unified” appearance. Other trends ranged from classic pearls to gleaming brooches.

Believe it or not, the elegance of simple pearls was something that every girl wanted to keep. This time with a slightly more sober design, but that made thousands of girls feel like a real lady. Take a look at how well Connie Francis looks with her pearls.


Functionality and practicality was the next big boom. Plastic jewelry became popular because of the variety and possibility of shapes and colors. Plastic jewelry was economical in its implementation, judging by the images of the moment, you can see the change in trends and style. The pieces of marked jewelery and bright colors were part of the fashion look. Layered necklaces, heaped rings and large bangles. The 60s were also marked by the rise of hand-made accessories, peace signs, flowery patterns and psychedelic colors. It was the hippie invasion.

A great example of the evolution of fashion is this photo in which appears Twiggy with earrings of different size, design and color. With this, we realize that fashion no longer had worries, it was a cry of freedom.


The same attitude was swept over the next decade, the pieces of jewelry remarked were attenuated. Darker colors emerged and beaded jewelry became the next big boom. On the catwalks, the great golden earrings became popular. If you look at today’s collections, inspired by the 70’s, you’ll always see a few of those. Other trends were mixing materials such as hemp, leather and metals.

And how to forget the boho style? Those were the days, where the girls wanted to have something boho style, as it does now. Rachel Welch shows us how beautiful this style was and how well it looked.


In the 80’s, fashion accentuated the great and beautiful; From hairstyles to exaggerated articles of clothing. Large and marked were features of the jewelry scene. The homemade punk rock look was popular, as you can see in the picture.Mixing and combining was a way to personalize your jewelry choices, rather than being combined in everything. Delicate, elegant and minimalist necklaces were replaced by huge necklaces that marked a sentence, as well as earrings and other jewelry items with the same characteristics.

The style of business was also marked by large jewelry with designs that did not make sense, but this had an advantage and is that it helped to highlight the beauty of the era. In the picture below we can see a clear example of this style; Large earrings with a strong color, making the beautiful face of Brooke Shields will take the lead.


The 90’s was a fun decade. Do you remember the plastic chokers and the rubber bracelets? I personally had millions of rings because I thought they were “cool”. I also remember other crazy trends like alien rings and butterfly chokers. Everything was colorful and fun!

There is a clear trend of that era that has taken our hearts over the last two years: chokers. There are people who hate this tendency, but to me it seems perfect to getour wild and rebellious style.

I stop here because the story repeats itself. These trends, styles and color variations have been recycled in the fashion industry. Any look from the last two decades can be easily translated into one of the examples above. Although we have extremely innovative pieces on the runways each year, we can not predict what will characterize the new millennium. If you have an answer to that, leave your ideas and comments in the box below

Until the next my dear readers!