Jaap van Praag Ajax

The 1978-1979 season was dominated to say goodbye. Two icons goodbye to Ajax Ajax. The Chairman of Ajax had fourteen years to high altitudes, Jaap van Praag, the idea was nice. Even Johan Cruyff decided to end his career as a football player, and then join the club that made him great; AJAX. The opponent Bayern Munich decided, however, not a nice conclusion of the best Dutch footballer ever to want to cooperate.

Prague First

The name Prague and Ajax was 14 years, been a successful combination. Jaap had never been too bad for a white lie.Everything was according to him legally because it was of interest for his club Ajax. His Jewish origin was reflected in his outstanding business acumen. He managed to get investors maup Caransa at his side, and so was able to invest in his dream. Johan Cruijff had again a beautiful statement about the beloved President. Cruyff said he Jaap van Praag had never been able to capture a truth. Very fortunately for Ajax, Jaap had his colorful life also caused offspring. Son Michael would years later to bring the Club back to high altitudes to know. Prague, however, with the first stayed there, and Ton Harmsen was now the new President of Ajax. Tonnes managed to get good things done in his time as Chairman, but where all the beautiful smile Jaap van were Tons Harmsen came across as bullies. Enjoy popular he is therefore never was, despite numerous awards and major decisions are packed well for Ajax. His first encounter with both supporters and the selection was his dislike of the new trainer Cor Brom and his top player Ray Clarke.
Johan goodbye?
On november 7, 1978 would happen; Best Dutch footballer ever, Johan Cruyff, would stop playing football. Because Ajax seventies early German Club Bayern Munich had put decent looking, they’d be the club that Johan had to deliver their erewedstrijd. In a packed Olympic Stadium soon became clear to Bayern Munich was not for John, but Ajax to give even a taste of their own medicine. With no less than 0-8, the players went off the pitch. Revenge of Bayern Munich was mercilessly.
In the League, Ajax made a blazing start through the first seven games to close all win. With a short period when Roda JC for surprise ranking claimed exemptions were Ajax Eredivisie leader tailed permanently this season. Was on 2 June 1979 after winning the away match against FC Volendam, the eighteenth League title for Ajax. Top scorer Roy Clarke, who was twenty-six times correctly, kept it a year after Ajax. Even campaign F-Side, with the slogan; Ray must stay, could not prevent the departure of the scorer the thief. Nevertheless, he can be a year in Ajax is regarded as very successful. With some test results, as reflected in the table below to see, came to this fantastic Ajax results.
Ajax Eredivisie Matches
As mentioned, Ray Clarke was very careful and top scorer with 26 goals this season. The improved Soren Lerby, see also managed to puncture the 16. Tscheu la Ling and Frank Arnesen, there were twice as many.But it was not enough for the season limit of 100 goals, as shown in the following match ends.

Final Stand Eredivisie.

Mathews double
The retirement of Jaap van Praag had an extra dollop of icing on the already successful time as Chairman. In the UEFA Cup we unfortunately couldn’t handle Honved Budapest in the fight for the KNVB Cup, Ajax is successful. AJAX, however, there was a need for replay after at home against FC Twente, after extension may not longer than a draw 1-1. But the final of the Kuip in Rotterdam was entirely for Ajax, and with a victory 3-0 Ajax could call again won the double.
The new Ajax began to slowly take shape. But collisions between Harmsen and Bromine as a blanket is located on the Club. The players, however, drew little attention to them and was trainer Cor Brom only Matthews champion and cup winner. The players who did that this season for Ajax was;
The choice

  • Frank Arnesen
  • Ray Clarke
  • PIM van Dord
  • His Rh
  • Jan Everse
  • Peter Jager
  • Ruud Kaiser
  • Ruud Krol
  • Freek Lamain
  • Soren Lerby
  • Tscheu la Ling
  • Wim Meutstege
  • Geert Meijer
  • Guido Pen
  • Cock Schoenaker
  • Piet Writers
  • Sjaak Storm
  • Simon Tahamata
  • Rob Tervoort
  • Piet Wijnberg
  • Kees Zwamborn

The only player who played all 34 League games was Soren’s friend, Frank Arnesen. Ray Clarke was not alone in the race exactly, the KNVB Cup and UEFA Cup series, he shot two times six goals in their total goals thus opschroevend to 38 goals in 44 matches.