[Iwatch] Apple Hires Two Engineers from Nike Fuelband

The rumors about the iWatch seem to be increasingly close to becoming reality, every week we’re getting to know each other more and more news related to the possible future smart Apple clock.

The list of specific contracts and related to this type of product does not stop growing, I am new here in iPad Dicas the recent signings of Paul Snow (Yves Saint Laurent), Alex Hsieh (Atlas Wearables) and Patrick Pruniaux (TAG Heuer), this time the Apple hired not one, but two former members of the Nike Team FuelBand.

Nike FuelBand Experience

Following the wave of signings, Apple decided to incorporate this time in your team “iWatch project” two names, these are Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale, who worked on the defunct Nike FuelBand, a dress that had everything to do with the smart watches today, health meter and interesting resources related to physical activities.

The Nike Team FuelBand, which ceased to be manufactured this year, had about 80 employees were engineers and specialists who know very well the wearable devices (wearables) or why not call in the case of the iWatch, smart watches (smart watches).

Many certainly were wondering where these employees would work, after Nike decides to abandon the project FuelBand, of course they would have been long unemployed, since they have great experience in compact devices and smart watches market is just starting, who bet on Apple.

What is the experience of engineers?

Ryan Bailey worked at Nike as an engineer of FuelBand tests, since Jon Gale was firmware engineer, information that they work since June for Apple can be confirmed in own LinkedIn profile of them.

We have to remember that the hiring of Bailey and Gale added to the long list of signings very specific that Apple is realizing in recent times, all of them related to health professionals, engineers, specialists in dressing devices, directors of companies marketing luxury products, etc.

Other contractors for the iWatch project:

  • Jay Blahnik (fitness guru);
  • Roy Raymann (expert in sleep);
  • Michael O’Reilly (doctor);

Except that it is a huge coincidence, everything points that we can really meet the iWatch later this year, we have to point out that even in 2014 we will have two great events from product launches, one of them probably will occur in September, with the presentation of the new iPhone and the other in October, with the arrival of the new iPads.

Maybe we see a “one more thing” just like old times?

Place your bets!