It’s Not a Handbag-It Is a…

We have previously written about the problem of handbags for men. It simply did not fit into the concept. Yet there is a lot of bags that are male. I think the closest on portfolios and per slip bags. But none of them is particularly suitable, for example, a restaurant visit.

Pockets is great, but not for storage. To have bulging pockets are one of the largest fashion misses one can do.
Therefore, I instead things down in my camera bag. Phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses. The camera also stayed behind. It worked, but the problem is that my camera bag looks like, just that, a handbag.

Back to square one, that is.
I need a bag that I can take with me pretty much everywhere. A bag that is considerably smaller than the one I carry around my laptop in and which will not count as carry-on baggage when I fly. But one who is not a purse.

I simply had to give me out on the internet. It must be someone else who experienced the same problem. And it did, of course – on the most obvious address. our site. our site

With a design that is inspired by konduktörsväskor might be just what I’ve been looking for. When the postman delivered my package, I’ll tell you how it is.