It Organizes the Christmas

We know that December flies, but give yourself a time so that your home have appropriate holiday decorations and gifts are appropriate for each person.


  • Make a list of all the people that you have to give away and placed alongside the possible gift or the amount that you spend on the gift.
  • Also have a list of all the people that you are going to send a card.
  • Start your shopping with calm the last days of November. Some stores feature discounts at that time to encourage purchases in advance.
  • Also begins to remove all of the Christmas decorations.


First week:

  • Weapon birth, the tree and the decoration of windows, balconies or any other environment that count.
  • Send to your friends and family Christmas cards, if you purchased cards of different designs, insert them.
  • Shared tasks, he enlists the help of the family to do shopping, write and send cards, wrapping gifts, decorate the House.
  • Remember that it is always pleasant to receive a holiday card from friends not seen in a long time, so do it this Christmas.

Second week:

  • This is the week ideal for Christmas lunch. If you have a large group of friends, one of the best is an exchange of gifts. In the office it is also good idea to do so.
  • Plan the menu for Christmas Eve. According to, it is considered that friendships can go before dinner to greet them and for that it is good to have something to invite.

Third week:

  • This week you need to finish your shopping.
  • Also buy all the ingredients you need for dinner.

Fourth week:

  • The fourth week is Christmas, it is therefore advisable to put an end to all the preparations the previous week.
  • When it comes Christmas Eve have to attend mass and let the stress aside and enjoy the holiday season.
  • Something very important is do not forget to thank the gifts we have received. You call those people that were agreed upon you, to thank them for the gift by phone.