Is It Worth Buying Digital Magazines to Read on the Tablet?

Many magazines are releasing their tablet versions now. Some of them make special discount promotions for those who buy the digital version. Others keep the same price and do not change anything. For the first case, buying is worth something. For the second case, we need to evaluate some things.

Is It Worth Buying Digital Magazines to Read on the Tablet?

As the idea now is to expand the use of different platforms, the companies responsible for physical journals usually do not make any difference to their tablet magazines. But think about the possibilities: integration with videos, animations, photos that take you to sites. The possibilities are many and there are already magazines that have used these and resources and are worth every penny invested.

Now, if the online edition does not present any differential of the Physical edition, then we have to take into account how and when you read the most. If you are the type that leaves a lot of home, with a lot of weight, the more magazines read, the less practical your hiking will be, due to the weight it will carry. Now, if you prefer to read in the comfort of home or on a bus, the tablet may not be that different compared to the physical book.

It is difficult to analyze where this market will reach. With the opening of Amazon in Brazil, we hope that both magazines and online books have their values ​​reduced because their production costs are almost zero and that is what has expanded the online market for books and magazines abroad. Before confirming the purchase of a magazine to read on a tablet too, try out some texts and see if you like or have trouble reading on a tablet screen.

I have many friends who find the tablet a good tool but would never buy a tablet magazine. It has to be taken into account also the personal taste when choosing the digital magazine or physics. Reading habits also influence this decision, as many people are not yet accustomed to reading digital formats and prefer “analog” formats.

In our opinion, it’s worth a try, especially for magazines that really strive to make interactive content focused on the digital format. Books have already been released, such as Alice in Wonderland filled with arts and interactive animations. And the values ​​are not even that expensive, compensating for the investment and guaranteeing the fun.