Iphone: Vodafone Sued Telecom

Mobile operator Vodafone D2 has obtained an injunction against the exclusive distributor of the Apple mobile iPhone by the rival T-Mobile. That said Vodafone Germany CEO Friedrich Joussen in Düsseldorf. A Telekom spokesman acknowledged receipt of the preliminary injunction. Due to an electronic lock iPhone in Germany only in the Deutsche Telekom network works. Vodafone, ask a sales freeze Jadav said. We want the iPhone for all without binding contract is available.

If I want to stop the sales, then I would have to do already stressed the Vodafone D2 Chief however. He criticised the fact that the Apple cell phone only in conjunction with a two-year contract from T-Mobile will be sold. I want to have resolved with the injunction, whether these coupling operations are allowed.

According to Vodafone was obtained the restraining order before the Hamburg district court. Deutsche Telekom can appeal now. In interlocutory proceedings to be expected a decision then is expected within two weeks, said Jadav.

The iPhone is the Südenfall
The Vodafone Manager fears that other cell phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola could follow the example of Apple and also offer mobile phones with a network operator only. This would alter the market massively so he wanted get clarity about the legal way. The iPhone is the Südenfall.

Through an exclusive attachment to a network operator, Jadav expected disadvantages for the customer, because they would have to bear the additional costs. He spoke out for a free sale of the Apple mobile phone.

Vodafone D2 had also negotiated the exclusive right of distribution with Apple, ended the talks but, because of the US-based group has demanded a revenue share. Reportedly the Telecom passes about one-third of revenues generated with the iPhone at Apple. Telekom boss René Obermann considered the agreement with the American technology companies still economic success as the iPhone users would contribute to higher data revenues. According to own T-Mobile was around 15 000 Apple phones on the first day of the sale and a half weeks ago. (DPA/AP/UL)

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