iPhone Must Win Gmail App Soon

The Google will launch very soon a special app Gmail for iOS. Who gives information is MG Siegler on your particular blog. Even the application would already be in the hands of the App Store reviewers to approve or not your approval publication. If so, perhaps Google is the first major company to offer an app email in the iPhone.

All we know so far been told by blogger. He claims that several knowledgeable sources of the matter confirmed the information. The Gmail app would be “fantastic” word used by MG Siegler to define the application.

And what we can expect from the Gmail app for iOS? Above all, better integration with the resources provided by Gmail on your webmail. For example, Priority Inbox could win a more appropriate garb. The bookmarks view is also a problem in app Mail native iOS, which would be easily solved in a specific application for Gmail.

Something that really bothers me in the iPhone Mail is the lack of options to archive and delete a message. To choose between one of two buttons, depending on how I add my Gmail account to your smartphone. Why not allow Internet users perform the two operations? It really is something I do not understand.

Google has been trying to develop web apps for the iPhone. It works very well, so I could test, but still not the same as offering a native application. Operations tend to be faster, since the software is preloaded on the system. Moreover, Push Notifications are free to be used the way Gmail find better (and the Notification Center notifications in iOS 5 also, by the way).

As MG Siegler well note, the Gmail app for Android is quite complete. Lack transpose this experience to the poor wretches who hold a smartphone with the apple on the back.

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