Install a Shower Base Tile Walls

The shower receptor to tile is an asset to customize his bathroom. Modern aesthetics and its water-resistance are perfect for showers Italian walk-in. As a kit ready to tile or not, here are the steps to follow for the installation of a shower tray to tile.

The preparation of the location of the shower receptor with tile

To install a shower base ready to tile, follow steps so as to ensure the tightness of the shower. It is important to prepare the surface. After taking your shower tray measures and adjusted as necessary, delimit the

workspace in your bathroom to facilitate your work. First step: apply a resilient Strip on the sides of your basement. This band will reduce the gap between the receiver and the base. Install the siphon by connecting to the drains. The siphon can be vertical, horizontal, or built-in to the receiver. Check what kind it is before connecting. It is preferable to have a vertical exhaust system, but if this isn’t the case, remember to leave room under the receiver for the passage of the horizontal siphon. Test the exhaust system before moving on to the next step.

The implementation of the receiver of shower to tile

Ready to tile the shower tray has preformed slopes of water evacuation, so just put it in place correctly to avoid any further accidents. Before asking the shower receptor with tile, apply a cement glue on the base and check that there is everywhere on the surface. When you apply it, be careful that the location of the siphon fits well with the framework of the receiver! Block the siphon for is not that it bothers you and ask the receiver mounted pressing strongly and checking that it is flat with the help of a spirit level. Now install the seal and the sealing band on the sides of your tiled shower tray. If the band is not self-adhesive, apply glue on the edges of the receiver. The Strip should also touch the wall for optimum protection.

The tiling of the tiled shower receptor

Now is the time to lay the tile on your shower receptor. Your tiles or mosaic should preferably be smaller to increase their anti-slip properties. Use glue special tile at base of epoxy or glue mortar to glue it. Be careful to correctly place the tiles to not distort the movement and create empty spaces. To place your tiles, leave from the central part of the receiver. Feel free to give it a try with your tiles without glue to check alignment and location. This initiative will make you lose a bit of time, but will tell you if there is need of readjustment of Cup of some tiles. Gluing of tiles is done in 3 steps. Apply glue on the receiver using a toothed spatula, put tiles and push the air. Progress by following these steps and respecting differences of seals.