Innovative Solar Umbrella Enhances Cell Phone Signals and Charges Batteries

The Brooster brolly is a new solar umbrella that can be used to charge batteries and to amplify cell phone signals.

The importance of a good reception is usually only noticeable when you need to rely on the mobile phone and then notice that the signal strength is not enough to make a phone call or to send an SMS.

The booster brolly is intended exactly for these situations. By using the built-in battery, charged via solar panels on the umbrella, the amplified cell phone signals to can be to ensure reception a better cell phone or smart phone. These Extra functions The booster brolly belongs also to the 10 creative umbrellas with additional functions.

Solar Umbrella Can Amplify Signals And Charge Mobile Devices

In total, the booster Brolly has about 12 solar panels, which each generate avoltage of 2 volts. The generated energy can umbrella with solar either to enhance the mobile phone signals are used or are stored in a battery, hiding in the grip of the intelligent umbrella ,. This stored energy can download different mobile devices.

First Prototypes Will Be Tested During The Isle Of Wight Festival

Vodafone wants to first prototypes of the booster Brolly while the 2012 Isle of Wight festivals, more specifically will take place from the 22nd to the 24.06.2012 in the United Kingdom, in Newport. This seems a good idea to be as in the United Kingdom ever more rain is expected and not every Festival organizer, such as the the Burningman Festival one mobile network operatorcan and want to. So far there when and at what price the booster Brolly solar umbrella in the trade will come still no information. More interesting solar ideas that are incidentally underwater solar cells the Navi and the solar window film transformed the conventional Windows into solar panels.