Inmetro Seal to Ensure Quality Water

Institute tests the filter efficiency and purifiers.

To ensure the quality of purification filters and consequently drinking water to consumers, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) launched in 2011, NBR 14908, a standard that ensures the efficiency of equipment. This means that the certified device has been subjected to stringent testing in laboratories and meets the quality specifications.

Aware of the importance of this seal, the online shop offers its customers filters and purifiers certified by INMETRO. After all, water is a serious issue that, if not treated properly, can harm people’s health. By purchasing the products here, you are assured that you are taking to house a device that eliminates bacteria and provides water without odor or taste.

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Since 1943, the objective INMETRO, through different mechanisms, improve the quality of products from numerous domestic manufacturers. The Institute’s mission is to promote the confidence of Brazilian consumers through its measurements, evaluations and tests. For this, the Inmetro performs the national metrology policies.