Indiegala Launches Two New Packs of Games for Android

Even the fourth Humble Bundle being active with games for Android, Indie Gala reminds us that another alternative ara are buy games for PC. Normally they do not usually release packs with games for Android, but occasionally make exceptions to brighten up to the Androideros. But this time is not a pack, but two more modest.

We continue with the general trend of pay what you want, But if we want to get everything that gives him the pack we have to scratch a little portfolio and pay more than one preset price. That Yes, if we are the more they pay in each pack will get exclusive bonus granted by the creators of the games in question

The first of the packs is Call Of Cthulu, in which we will achieve game Android Call Of Cthulu: The Wasted Land and a Christmas calendar of the beast of Lovecraft. If we pay more than 2.99 dollars will get a key for the Gamers Gate, 9 PC game DRM-free digital magazines and the soundtrack, and the five greatest contribution will be in addition an action figure.

The second pack with games of Android is the pack of Cardinal. With him we have the Cardinal Quest PC game, and if we pay more than 2.99 we in our having the key to get it on Desura, Cardinal Quest on Android, the game Pakkuman Defense also for Android and Diplomatic Doom, and 5 more contributing the soundtrack of the game will win.